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    Ok, this is my situation. I'm using WinXP with Fedora Core 3 on a bridged virtual-machine under VMWare 5.0 Workstation. My old high-school has two extremely inept teachers in their IT department, which means they teach zilch, and this is a small town with few computer-oriented persons. The school traditionally has a CD full of photos with their yearbook, with an HTML navigation system (basically made to look like most CD's that accompany PC mags).

    For some obscure reason, it slipped their notice until thursday of last week that they don't have anyone able to make something that doesn't look like crap, and so they dumped the job on me during a half-asleep phonecall. I got given a nightmarish uncategorised assortment of photos, about 3GB worth, which I've sorted and reduced enough to fit onto a CD, but now I have some issues which you guys may be able to help me with in terms of time.

    Right now I'm at the stage where I'm placing the photos into galleries, which are made up of tables. Most of these pages have in excess of 50 photos on them each - which is time consuming, even using an HTML editor (Using Dreamweaver MX 2004). To try and save time, because nobody should be seeing the file-names of the photos anyway, I've named them all contiguously (ie 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg and so on) so that when I go to input them using notepad I don't need to scrabble about for filenames.

    My experience with shell scripts etc has been quite limited, as I'm an Australian doing Certificate III of Information Technology (Network Administration) (no idea where this fits in with american certifications) and only have entry level knowledge of how to make/utilise them. Can any of you suggest a way I could go about using a shell script to rename all of the files in a folder contiguously using a range of numbers?

    Also, due to the fact that each image previews, which means that there's an anchor tag to the image but also an img tag in the middle, is there any way I can create some kind of shell script or alternatively a program, capable of taking the filenames from a particular directory and inserting them into the address segment of the anchor tags and src portion of the img tag?

    Someone a tad more cluey suggested that my fedora shell and grep might be handy, but I'm not quite sure how to use that, as he also said I'd need to pipe it, a concept that I'm really not comfortable with.

    Any suggestions?

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