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    I think im getting a pretty good deal from my friend on a setup:

    FYI, this order is for 2 civics as far as springs and shocks.

    (2) KYB GR-2 shocks
    (2) 2 Sprint springs w/ 1.5 by 1.5 or 2 by 2
    (1) Full camber kit (dont know the brand though ;O )


    or i could go

    (2) Tokico Illuminas for 100 more so (650 shipped)

    Do you guys think I will really benefit from Illuminas instead of the KYB's? I have used primarily blues so I dont know much about the Illuminas.

    Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. 95aCc0rD

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    Illuminas/KYB AGX = Performance Shocks

    Blues/GR-2 = Stock Replacement Shocks

    I would always go with performance shocks, when lowering any vehicle, because they are built stronger (seals, dampening, etc) to somewhat handle the spring rate better than the stock replacement.

    I have the KYB AGX's on my vehicle right now paired up with some Ground Control coilovers, and they work nicely together.
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    I agree... I have the GR-2s on my Celica and I just needed some decent struts... You will be better off with the AGXs for sure since like mentioned they are a performance one with dampening adjustments.

    Nothing wrong with the Tokikos either

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