GUN shot three new guns (for me) this weekend, impressions:

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by smell my finger, Jan 26, 2003.

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    i shot an HK USP .40 (full sized) , Beretta 92 (9mm), Glock 22 (.40 full sized). let me say, first, that im a realtivly inexperienced shooter, so this 'review' isn't very technical, and the range i was at didn't seem to think cleaning guns was very important. that being said here are my impressions.

    HK USP .40
    i wanted to try out the HK USP .45 full sized, but this was the closest thing they had. overall i was very impressed with the quality of the crashmanship, it shot very similar to the Sigs ive shot. though i was surprised by the fact that the handle felt lighter, while the slide felt more substantail (than the sigs) im a big fan of this gun

    Beretta 92
    this was the second gun i shot, and was surprised that there wasnt 'much' difference in the recoil, comared to the HK i had just shot. this was my favorite gun of the three. Mechanically everything seemed 'tighter' and fit to higher tolerences. although HK and Sigs are very high quality pieces, they always seemed to fit together a little loose, compared to the Beretta. i loved the way this one set up in my hands.

    Glock 22
    i was thinking about buying a mid sized glock (32, .357sig) so i was going to rent a midsized, but the damn thing was too small for my hands, my pinky kept slipping off the bottom. so i tried out the full sized .40. i had never shot a glock before, and i was very impressed with teh trigger feel, very predictable and it was my favorite trigger of the group. i also sighted well over the square slide. on the down side the materials, while rugged and durable, didn't seem to be of the same quality as the beretta and the HK.

    overall i liked all three of these, those with more experice than i please comment on whether my impressions are conistant with these models lines and manufactures in general. :big grin:
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    Beretta's actually tend to be a bit looser than SIGs, but what you may be noticing is that the barrel is better supported on the Beretta. It's a slightly different type of barrel lock up than the rest of the group you shot.

    You seem to have paid pretty close attention to what was going on in your hands there. As for the HK to Glock comparision, i've always seen them sort of like a Audi S4 to a WRX. They're both quite capable, ones just a little more polished. ;) If you have to "slog through the mud really fast", they'll both get you there as good as or better than anything on the market.

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