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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Car54, Nov 18, 2005.

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    Hey.. I just purchased a Fabarm FP6 used from a guy I know. He's not really a friend, just someone off the internet that ive come to know.

    He only owned the gun for a few weeks before selling to me, and claims he fired less than 10 rounds of Federal rifled slugs thru it.

    It is a very clean gun, I stuck my finger in the barrel end and it came out clean, so I bought it without asking any other questions. When I got it home and disassembled it, the barrel looked dull and dirty, so I began cleaning it. Every patch I ran thru came out dirty, and it never got better. I probably ran 20 patches down the barrel, each one came out filthy, along with a healthy amount of lead dust from the first pass with the bore brush.

    I finally gave up cleaning it, ran a few dry and oiled patches thru, and called it a night. It looks much more shiny now, but I can still see streaks of dark lead on the barrel. This thing has a chrome barrel.

    Is this normal? Should there be this much lead in the barrel for the low number of shots fired? I wasnt able to remove it all, but I got most of it. any secrets for getting it completely clean next time? The rest of the gun looks brand new.. the receiver doesnt even have any scrapes or wear marks where the action slides.

    And my last question.. does anyone know anything about these shotguns, or have any experience or opinions on them? It appears to be very robust, high quality in every way.

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    get some foaming bore cleaner (I use the Outers foaming bore cleaner from walmart, works good), spray it in the barrel, and let it sit overnight.. then in the morning run a few dry patches through...

    or you can try blue wonder gun cleaner as well, supposedly good stuff
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    If you use the blue wonder, it will clean that barrel. BUT make sure you remove all plastic items from anywhere within 15 feet, it will eat them up if you get even a little on them, wear a shirt you don't mind ruining, etc. etc. Do it outside.
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    Get one of these, or more.
    edit - you cant really tell it from the picture, but the tico tools are longer than the barrel of just about all shotguns.

    Back in high school, when i was big into skeet shooting, it's the only thing i would use to clean the bore of my barrel. I've got a ruger red label O/U shotgun, and it worked great. I'd spend more time cleaning the rest of the gun, but for the bore i'd just run it through about 2-3 times and say hell with it. It's pretty much impossible to get any shotgun to the point where it is spotless, unless you want to spend 6 hours cleaning it.

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