Should I add an amp?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by computerdeals, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. this is my situation... For my truck I have a blaupunkt deck (casablanca cd51) and 4 kenwood C6889ie' questions are these
    1. would a 4 channel amp be worth hooking up to my speakers (not planning on getting subs)
    2. How do I hook it up to my deck?
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    1. How loud do you listen to your music?
    2. Do realize that installing an amp is not a simple task, you are going to have to take your doors apart, find a hole in firewall, etc...
    3. Does the sound distort too much right now?
  3. lol, uh guess its not worth it to me then, i was only gonna do it if it was an easy install...thanks tho
  4. my speakers start to distort at about the max volume i listen to them at (audiobahn 6.5" 2 ways, blue cone, forgot model #) anyways, installing an amp should give the speakers cleaner power at this volume range correct? that was always my thinking, not necessarily installing an amp for loudness, but to clean up the sound...
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    Well actually you do install the amp for loudness. The fact is, if the speakers are distorting now, you don't have enough power (or the speakers themselves are reaching their limits) If you arent running your amplifier at full power, ever, then you don't need an amplifier. But I don't know of many people who do that, as the 10 to 15 watts coming from your headunit isnt a lot.

    But you are right, installing an amp will probably clean up the sound...
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    he wont have to pull apart his door he can jsut splice on the the factory spaker wires and he will have to run a power wire no bigge i did by my self when i was 14 you can proaby figgure it out

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