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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by vettefan52, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. vettefan52

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    need opinions on price... i have my own formed already but just need it confirmed or denied...

    i want an uzi... i cant afford a full auto, nor do i think i could pass the requirements for a form 4 or whatever they are on. my only real choice is a semi as i can afford that, and dont really care about full auto anyways. the guy wants 975 shipped for this gun... it includes quite a few things.

    its a vector uzi with IMI reciever. it comes with 12- 25 rd mags, one 20 round IMI mag, bayonet, extra top reciever cover, w AA pouches 1 holds 2 and 1 holds 3 mags. also has a few other little things like 2 4mag pouches, sling, 2 speed loaders and some other stuff. its a model B before anyone asks. on vectors site, they want 599+20 shipping.

    i personally think this is too much, but if you factor in 35 for the shipping thats still only 940, and if i bought all the accessories from vector it would be around 350 for all the included stuff. thats around 550 for the gun...
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    Are they no-name brand mags, or IMI?

    You can get 32 rd. IMI mags here for 19.99

    Mag loader - $1.99:

    Top cover $9.99:

    Slings and mag pouches would probably cost $15 max.

    So, you could buy the Uzi from vector for ~$625 shipped
    Buy 12 - 32 round mags for $239.88
    A mag loader: $1.99
    Top Cover: $9.99

    So, you could buy it all yourself for $891.86, with better mags(factory + higher capacity). Plus, the Uzi would be new from Vector when you got it. You really dont need another top cover, so you could save yourself $10 there.

    I'd just buy it all myself and save $100+.
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    My uncle has a welded up uzi and enough parts to make another one. Minus receiver
  4. vettefan52

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    yeah, i think ill just pass on it.
  5. krott5333

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    whats the point? just get a Glock 34 :hsughno:

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