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  1. I'm in a market for a laptop & today I came across two ways for configuring my soon-to-be-new computer.

    Building your own: Dell & Gateway makes them. Customizing what software, RAM, OS, Processor, etc. would seem like a good idea. I went to the Dell Kiosk @ the mall to "play around" what I want.

    Pre-built: All other manufacturers, but way too many choices.

    What seems more appropriate among these two options for a laptop? I'm planning to buy my laptop before Christmas.

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    Depends how much you want to spend and how picky you are about what's in your laptop. Everyone I know who owns or has owned a Dell laptop sings its praises, so they're definitely highly recommended, but a lot of people like IBM as well.
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    :werd: what he said.

    Analyze your needs for this system, then come up with a list of options/add-ons that complements those needs.

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