Should I just buy a new mobo or let a computer store "Trouble Shoot" ?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by BradUF, Sep 8, 2004.

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    Well about a month ago my computer just restarted and it never worked again due to a corruputed boot file. I tried everything to fix it, then I just formated it, then I zero the drive out with WD program. I still could not install windows so I figure it must be the harddrive. I just bought a new one and windows install does not even detect it. So I went to a computer store to pick up a new mobo and they were like it would be much cheaper for you to bring the coputer in and let us trouble shoot it for 40 bucks. Not fix, trouble shoot. More then likely I am going to have to pay for something to be installed or buy some parts :/ So should I just order a new mobo for 99.99 off new egg or pay them 40 bucks and hope its something stupid. But what could it be??? I already tried differnt ram and new IDE/ sATA cables and a differnt video card. I just have the feeling I am going to pay them 40 bucks so they can just go, yep mobo's busted.
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    First you should try to troubleshoot the best you can by yourself. If your computer is booting up, your motherboard is still working (maybe not fully but it is.) Now the question is what IDE drives have you tried with this new hard drive? Have you tried different cables & configurations? Have you tried the hard drive in another PC to see if it works? Is the jumper settings on the hard drive correct? (usuall this wouldnt matter but its still something to look into) If you have tried all that, there is a possibility your IDE connector on the motherboard itself is bad, in that case buy a new motherboard (make sure it will work with your chip though!)
    Hope this has helped some.
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    I have done everything but try a harddrive from another computer with a os on it. But I have tried 3 differnt harddrives. I took it in but now I kinda of wish I did not because the only thing I think that could have been wrong with it is that the ram is bad. Because my windows install would loop forever and never install. They are going to charge me to install the OS :/
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    I've had the exact same problem. I was running quite alot of stuff off a 300W Antec PSU. It seemed fine but somedays I would find my computer continously rebooting (corrupted boot file) or it wouldn't detect the drives. What would happen is the power to the drive would do the opposite of a power spike and it caused the data being written to the HD to become corrupt. Running WD diagnostics showed nothing wrong with the HD's. So after troubleshooting the problem, I bought a new PSU and it's been fine ever since.
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    Thats Exactly what mine is doing, It would run perfect some days, other days it would restart for no reason. Sometimes it would not boot at all then I would come back a few hours later and it would boot. I do run a lot of stuff off of like a 300 watt or 350 power supply. I run a top of the line gigabyte which sucks a ton of power, 3 fans, 2 harddrives, 2 cd-roms and a ATI 9600 pro which has a fan on it and the mobo has a built in fan. Also I just checked and my psu is 450 watts that should power everything :/
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