A&P Should I return this Lumix TZ5 for another Canon?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by babygodzilla, May 2, 2008.

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    Anyone have experience with the TZ5?
    I'm trying to like the TZ5, I really am. The 28-280mm zoom is GREAT! but i need something that's reliable for both stills and video, and the TZ5 falls WAY short on the video department.

    first of all there's that CAF problem as noted by everyone. If you're not familiar with that problem, basically the auto focus during movie recording sucks balls. You move an inch, it tries to re-focus, except it lags too much. It'll take 1-2 seconds to re-focus, which is very very annoying because the scene becomes blurry as it tries to refocus. You move another inch, refocus. Your subject moves an inch, refocus. Light changes? refocus! I found that within 30 seconds of a clip it spends about 5 seconds refocusing (varies depending on how much you and the subject are moving of course), which of course results in that much of a blurry scene before it finally refocuses. I turned off the CAF as suggested in the manual, and that seemed to help quite a bit.
    But the audio is completely unbearable. Volume is way too low and there's always a hissing white noise. I have never had any noticeable noise on my Canons, at least nothing that can annoy me. After having a Canon for so long I thought I'd give a different brand a try. Looks like I was wrong after all. Will probably return the Lumix for another Canon after this weekend's event. Too bad.... I REALLY REALLY liked the zoom power. :( Return of not?!?!

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