Showing Next Week In All UK CINEMA's "THE ESCAPIST 2008"

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    Frank Perry is a lifer; in prison for the rest of his natural born days. He’s never had a problem with that: he did the crime; he’ll do the time. Until now. He receives a letter telling him that his only and much loved daughter is critically ill following an overdose. He knows that he must see her and to do that he’ll have to escape. But he can’t do it alone. A motley crew of younger associates are assembled to enact his plan: Lenny Drake, Brodie and Viv Baptista. As they prepare to break out Frank’s focus is distracted by the arrival of a young con James Lacey – a reminder of days long lost. As the new kid on the block Lacey also attracts the sadistic attention of Tony, the drug-addict brother of wing-king Rizza. Personality conflicts puts the escape in jeopardy and Frank is forced to find the energy and courage of the man he one was.
    Director: Rupert Wyatt
    Release Date: 20th of June 2008

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