MIL Siege of Cimic House

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    100 Brits held fort against odds

    AN Army sniper hero has beaten an MoD ban to reveal the true story of the most epic battle fought by British troops in Iraq. Sgt Dan Mills tells the bloody story of the six-month Siege of Cimic House in Iraq.

    In the first ever insider’s account of the siege, Mills reveals how his company’s isolated outpost in Al Amarah was beseiged by a 500-strong Shia militia.

    Yet 100 soldiers of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment refused to retreat despite running low on ammo and food. Mills and his 14 sharpshooters killed as many as 400 rebels.

    The company lost one of their own, Private Chris Rayment, 22, from London. Six were badly wounded.

    The 2004 siege is the longest defensive stand fought by the Army since the Second World War.

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