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Yggdrasil's Forester.
Extreme Close Quarters Battle and Force-On-Force Pkg (December 8-10, 2008)

Register for the 2-day Extreme Close Quarters Battle class and the 1-day Extreme CQB force on force class, and receive 20% off the Total. Regularly $590. December Special: $472 Special applies to the December 8 – 10 courses only.

Extreme Close Quarters Battle

Extreme CQB Force On Force

SIG 556 Operator (December 13-14, 2008)

If Santa is bringing a new SIG SAUER 556 rifle this year or if he’s thinking about one, then we’ve got a special for him. Take $100 off of the standard course price, regularly $495, now $395 for the December 13-14 class. SIG556 rifles are available for use, free of charge.

SIG 556 Operator

Reflexive Shooting I (December 15-16, 2008)

For Intermediate level shooters and above, the Reflexive Shooting experience expands horizons relative to what is possible without the use of sights. Go on, expand somebody’s horizons . . . Register for the December 15-16 class, and bring a buddy for FREE. Regularly $395

Reflexive Shooting I

Registrations must be made by phone with the Training Coordinator at 603-418-8181 to receive the advertised discount. Use promo code NO8146





Combative Pistol I with Trident Concepts

The Academy is pleased to host Trident Concepts Founder and CEO, Jeff Gonzales, for his acclaimed 'Combative Pistol' course. This intensive 2-day skill builder will introduce the combative fundamentals for tactical use of a pistol in a high threat environment. November 22-23 (sold out) November 24-25 (limited availability)

Reality Based Combat Survival – An Intro to Commando Krav Maga®

Simple, repeatable, and devastating. Commando Krav Maga® is the defensive tactics system taught to Israeli Special Forces and other elite units around the world. A must for anyone interested in practical defense.
January 21, 2009, February 14, 2009, March 7, 2009

Edged Weapon Defense w/ Steve Tarani

World renowned instructor Steve Tarani is back! Edged Weapon Defense gives you 2 days of personal safety and recovery, rapid tactical deployment of your knife, basic and advanced disarming techniques, and overall personal safety skills in both open and confined environments. February 28 – 29, 2009


Concealed Carry Essentials

Much has been written, discussed, and taught about concealed carry considerations for the licensed, responsible citizen. Books and magazines are filled with gun selection debates, ammo arguments, reload considerations, holster recommendations and so on. While these discussions are interesting, none of them are essential. The licensed citizen assumes a massive responsibility whenever they decide to lawfully carry a concealed weapon. That responsibility is driven by survival, safety, and liability. In regards to these three considerations, there are two items that should never be left at home: a flashlight and a phone.

The flashlight is essential. It allows you to see where potential danger may hide, or to navigate to safety. It allows you to identify a threat, and if need be, a target.

A cell phone is equally essential. If possible, call for help before there is a critical incident. Alert the police to location, descriptions, and your identity. Stay on the phone until the incident is resolved. Help will find you faster.

Keep them together. Keep your phone charged. Check you batteries often.

Jeff Creamer
Deputy Director

Interested in learning more?
Concealed Carry Pistol - Intermediate
Concealed Carry Pistol - Advanced
Low Light Pistol Operator Course
Self-Defense Law & Basic Threat Management Seminar

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Aug 12, 2005
I got that e-mail too. I'll probably eventually take some SigTac training, as the place is only about 6 hrs away from me, but those classes are a little advanced for me right now.

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