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    Matt Burkett's Practical Shooting: Handgun Techniques Vol 1-3

    Overall I'd give it a 7/10. I'd buy it again for sure.

    Production quality wise it is actually pretty good. Not HD quality or anything but the picture and sound are both clear and it is overall well edited.

    Most of the shooting instruction is very good. I really only have two complaints... all of the instruction is done with Open or Limited class pistols & gear, whereas I think most beginners who would buy the video are probably starting off with Production guns. Also, he has an excellent section on draws, but doesn't really talk about grip as much as I'd hoped. I thought the sections on target transition and moving between targets were excellent, and he has some good techniques for sighting.

    The "special guests" (Golombieski & Enos) were pretty meh. Again, the equipment section with Golombieski focused on real high end Open & Limited guns, and a lot of the time he didn't really seem to be on the same page with Burkett. The section with Enos was Burkett & Enos sitting on the tailgate of a truck with Enos rambling at length. There was some good info, but it seemed kind of ad-hoc, and could have been much better presented with a little better preparation.

    There are a few trailers at

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