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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Sintaku, Mar 8, 2009.

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    Well the way this goes is I have a seedbox, when I'm not using it for seeding I'll release some stuff on direct download from it. Its 100mbps so its all good. The direct downloads will be rare. I'll use the seedbox to store a backup of all the anime.

    All the stuff I upload will also be released on multiple download websites, and will store on my server so if they do go down I will reupload as soon as I find out.

    • Please provide the name of the anime and which episodes you want.
    • You can request anything, but for an older series it would be nice to have some torrent source.
    • If one of the mirrors goes down and you want it reupped, please say which file and which mirror went down. I will reupload asap.

    Episode 12 - [Ayako]_ToLoveRU_-_12_[XVID][D100518F].avi (11 Mirrors|9 Servers)
    I will upload more if there are good comments. :) Tell me if you like this or not.

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