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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by psujeeperman02, Dec 29, 2005.

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    Ok, so, my girl just bought me the Sirius Sportster Replay which is capable of recording about 45 minutes of live sattelitte audio. Sweet. Hook it up to my ride, run the wires, no problem. Still have the factory head unit in, so I was forced to use the sportster's built in FM transmitter. Not bad, could be worse.

    Finally, since i spend most of my day in the office and not in my car, i go out and buy the Sirius sportster boombox. $100 at circuit city. Cheaper then Best Buy plus it was sold out there. Anyway, hook the boombox up in my office and run the antenna.....fuck. No signal!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I sit right by a window....facing the antenna outward. No matter which way i turn it, i get very little, if any, signal strength. Throughout the day, a few stations will come in, last for about 45 minutes, then i lose the signal.

    Anyone know of something i could purchase that will strenghten my signal? Make my antenna more powerful. Myabe a wireless unit that i could put in another part of the building and have it shoot the signla over to my sportster???

    i know MONSTER makes a sirius antenna, but the description online doesnt say anything about it boosting the strength or anything. I dont wanna drop $50 on nothing.

    Any suggestions?
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    If you can find some place with good reception in your building there is a repeater made for XM that works with Sirius also. Search for info.

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