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    What's the deal with sizing? I swear it makes it so hard to buy anything online. I live in a small town where the nicest store we've got is Macy's and it caters to gangster thugs not skinny white boys. So needless to say I tend to order almost all of my clothes online. It just sucks when you have to guess on what size will actually fit.

    I mean things like jeans and shirts, and jackets... Why is it so freaking hard???

    Now, flame me if you want for brand choices, but whatever... I have a some Guess jeans, I started ordering 34x34. Which looking back, is probably too big. (I'm 5'11, 155lbs) One pair fits great, the second pair is like HUGE, probably could have been a 32" waist and still been comfortable. I've got some 33's that fit okay, not bad, but not great, on the bigger side. I also have a pair of Lucky's with a 33" waist, they are huge as well.

    If I measure my natural waistline, it's 32". Where I tend to wear my jeans, it measures 34". Should I be ordering 32's anyways... But still, with the inconsistencies, sometimes even in the same brand, it is still hard to say.

    Same thing when it comes to shirt and jacket sizing. I have a small chest, 40-41". It kind of sucks because a lot of companies that sell in S/M/L sizing normally seem to be splitting at 40-42", short sleaves I tend to drop the size, but long sleeves it leaves them too short, and the larger size is normally too large in the chest. But again I have a couple Guess leather jackets, one Medium, that fits good in the chest, arms could be 1/2" longer. A large, that fits the same in the chest but longer arm.

    Why is it so hard to make a size that actually relates to the size of the garment???

    I don't really dare ordering some nicer more expensive stuff, because I don't know if it will actually fit. I hate that.
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    one thing i liked about a few of the stores i shopped at in europe was that they would label as small/med/whatever but then also give an actual measurement. so some clothes were med but with 40 chest(or is it shoulders?), others were large with 40. i know im a 40 so i go by that
    i have a pair of shorts that i got in size 32, but because they are meant to be worn lower on your hips the actual measurement is probably 33.5.

    it sucks but the best you can do without trying them on is consult the sizing chart and hope for the best. check the stores return policy too.
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    whatever store, check the sizing chart, it should have the measurements for the clothes that you are ordering. and pants size is based off your waist, not wear you wear them, so you probably should be getting pants that are size 32. If you have to wear a belt to keep your pants up, the pants you are getting are too big.

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