SRS Skitzophrenia and the eyeless people..(angry with my doctor and counsilers)

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  1. OKAY.. here goes..
    Two of my counsilors, my doctor, my mother and teachers at the alternative school are like the CBG police..

    Okay .. I can tell the difference between seeing something that isn't there and something that is.. I explained this very well.. They put me on this CBG shit that totally dulls my sences not to mention the amatryptawateverit'scalled.. I have to have clarity if I want to finish my novel series. but it's like they know some how when I haven't taken my meds.. I guess it's because I'm usually a passive, layed back, "Right on" type of person. and when I take the meds, I'm an asshole... I hate it.. I don't think I should have to take my medication if my disorder doesn't mess with in any way, shape, or form my schooling, writing, relationships or anything else life has to throw at me. (Well maybe just a little because I did somehow end up in an Alternative School but not other than that) I have been able to tell the difference between real people and delusion people since I was six. (I mean if I don't know the person that just starts talking to me and they just happen to not have eyes. That is my first clue to ignore)
    And the episodes? since I was six they have only had to call 911 on me twice. Other than that (out of the many episodes I have each week) I have them under control.. Instead of take the numbing meds, I view the symptoms and the first signs of it and lock myself up until it is over.)

    But they insist that they understand my mind better than I do..

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    Who are these 'eyeless people' you are talking about, spirits or something? I've heard of more people seeing eyeless spiritual beings. Or do you just mean that the people around you don't have an eye for your problem , it's very hard for someone to put themselves into your shoes. That's why they don't understand your feelings, or how you are understanding (viewing) the world, and what your perspective about things is as you perceive it. Your mother loves you and just wants the best for you, and the docter is there to help you too. I understand that if they give you medication that you aren't feeling appropriately with that you want them to stop with this.

    Honey you need your medication and the more you go get angry about it, the more meds they will give you. You see, when you act stable,relaxed,not upset, and are doing fine for longer extended periods of time, their attention will lessen, and the need for them to give you medication will reduce itself, just act along like you are getting better although that's hard with the medication but take them anyway, and show your parents and your docter that you are progressing, so that they can give you less medicine, and are able to control your periods, the more love you show, the better it will go :wavey: remember, that and just try and you'll see that it works :hug:
  3. NO. no spiritualness in the eyelsess people... If they were spiritual beings, I would see them with or without meds now wouldn't I? no these people are Neurological Dellusions.

    I act stable and relaxed all the time. That is why they still only have me on the same two medications.. However the only one I get angry about it at is my mother. And she is the only one who knows how easy it is to make me angry. She is afraid of me so she no longer barks at my psychiatrist about it..

    It doesn't matter what I do. I tried to tell Blaine that I'm getting better but he said (oh that's impossible. You'll never get better.)... and no matter how I progress that is their mind set.... They should die..

    Thanks for your comment though..
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    I am going to retract this statement because I was not fully aware of what I was saying.
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    Its a tough thing to see things that aren't there. To know that sometimes you will freak out, and that you will have to trust your family and your doctors to take care of you, because sometimes... you can't. If you disagree with your doctors and your parents, then you need to talk it out with them. Maybe you need a different medication.

    What you don't need is for all these people to stay out of your life.
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    mutha fuckin :werd: that's so damn true of doc's/thrapists/parents it's not even funny.
  7. completely.

    It is true that they may sometimes need to be there. but everyone sometime or another needs someone there. and I'm no different. but I don't need all of this extra attention when I (like anyone with any problem) can in fact (dispite popular belief among these people) keep this thing under complete control.
  8. Yeah tell me about it.

    Either that or have your friends cut you up behind your back because of your disorder. But it's okay. My family and I always make jokes about it. (we are all pretty much loons.. well. There isn't anything really too wrong with michelle .. she's just a 22 year old alcaholic (jk michelle) much luv) and the person I'm with is convinced that my friends are out to get me... And doesn't like me to be around him.. and that's understandable. because I value him more than anything I've ever valued in all my life.. and fortunately, he believes me and is very sensative to it.. But my friends just suck anyways.

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