Slalom for the GTO

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Mountain Dude, Nov 7, 2003.

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    Aug 30, 2002
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    I was watching some Motor Trend TV last night when they did the new GTO, and they said it only did the slalom at 63.5mph, is that really what is to be expected, or is that just a slow time?
  2. bigsteve7

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    Jun 13, 2003
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    Well, for one the car had all season tires on it. Secondly, it depends on the distance between teh cones. Just like different magazines use different diameter and prepped skidpads to test G's, slaloms arent always standard.

    STill 63.5mph isnt bad considering that the compacts like the Celica and RSX which weigh up to 1000lbs less are doing it in the high 60s.
  3. troglodyte

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    And considering that aftermarket swap bars will soon be available as well as other suspension enhancements. I expect the GTO to be fully customizable unlike the recent past models from GM that were just one note wonders in a straight line. This GTO is going to kick ass.
  4. Bad Mojo

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    Not all the recent past models... My '02 Hawk is a 1LE, and the Bilstein equipped cars handled extremely well too... Even the stock suspensioned Z28's, TA's, and Formula's pulled slalom times just barely lower than the GTO's 63.5mph (62.9mph for a Z28 @ edmunds).
  5. MAD PUNK inDC

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    the machine
    I wouldn't worry about the brakes. Switching tires, pads, and even rotors can make a huge differance, as well as replacing the rubber lines with braided stainless TFE. Same thing with handling, I think we're going to have to wait and see what this thing can really do, I seriously doubt the car mags are giving an acurate description of the GTOs true performance potential.
  6. Turbo Tim

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    Jun 18, 2003
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    Here's a track comparison I think someone else posted up somewhere else here I think. It was around a tight track more suited to the smaller awd cars.

    I know there is no gto, but there is the HSV GTS (300kw) coupe which is pretty much the top monaro and the SV8 which is a base model commodore (the sedan from which the monaro came from) with a less powerful v8 than the gto is getting.

    Perhaps an idea of the potential of it anyway.

    Lotus Elise - 1:10.44
    Subaru WRX STi - 1:11.53
    HSV GTS Coupe - 1:11.81
    Porsche Boxter S - 1:11.81
    Nissan 350Z - 1:11.97
    BMW M3 SMG - 1:12.00
    BMW Z4 - 1:12.09
    Mazda RX-8 - 1:12.68
    Subaru WRX - 1:12.84
    Holden Commodore SV8 - 1:13.22
    FPV Falcon GT - 1:13.60
    Ford Falcon XR-8 - 1:13.93
    Audi S3 - 1:14.00
    Renault Clio Sport - 1:14.27
    Ford Falcon XR-6 Turbo - 1:14.38
    Holden Astra SRi Turbo - 1:14.44
    Ford Focus ST170 - 1:15.78
    Toyota Corolla Sportivo - 1:16.75
    Holden Barina SRi - 1:18.28
    Toyota Echo Sportivo - 1:20.84
  7. troglodyte

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    Yeah, but its not GM equipped. You bought a car that was modified and sold as new. Big difference - Firehawk vs. Firebird.
  8. Bad Mojo

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    1LE was a GM option until 1999, SLP didn't pick it up until 2001 :)

    Good point though, the 1LE was never a well known or frequently bought option. But the Z28's, Formula's, and Trans Am's were GM equipped, and only slightly slower then the new GTO... Not surprising considering GM spokesperson's said early on that the handling would be at *least* as good as the F-Bodies.

    Of course, as mentioned in an earlier post, it really doesn't mean much, given the differences in course setup's. As far as I know, there hasn't been an F-Body/GTO matchup on the same course (and with the same driver) to really compare.

    Hmmm. That would make a good article though :)
  9. monaroCountry

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    Nov 14, 2003
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    Slalom and skid pad is stupid in determining the cars handling. I dont see Europeans and Australians being too obsessed with these fake ratings and numbers.

    Other countries actually take them out into twist roads and race tracks and write on their handling characteristics/behaviour. Maybe its a cultural thing.
  10. Wolf

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    Mar 23, 2003
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    With that, all you get is opinion not fact. You have to have some sort of way quantitatively measuring the results so that they can be compared to other cars.

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