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    the album "Red Letter Days" by The Wallflowers. To me, anyway, the whole thing is a striking chronicle of a guy who gets in over his head in a relationship, and it becomes codependent and self-destructive to the point where in his gut he despises this woman but still can't quit her. There is something I can empathize with in just about every song after my own similar experience (was with my ex 3 years, we were engaged, she cheated, I was the stupidest guy since Samson; old story).

    A few of them really stand out to me...

    "Closer to You" - deeply felt romance that really is desperation, need, and maybe a bit of obsession under the surface.

    "Three Ways" - recognize that you can't fix everything, and if you can't let go of an unfixable mess, it might destroy you.

    "Here in Pleasantville" - the pitfalls of romantic idealism.

    The thing about love (or anti-love) songs is how many of them get everything wrong. Rarely do I hear music that I can relate to so well on this topic.

    Just a few random thoughts... if nobody here cares then I haven't wasted too much time expanding on them :)

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