A&P SLR Crew..How do I know if the light meter is working properly?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by bugman, Feb 5, 2008.

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    I have a K1000 Pentax... Today we had an assignment to take a pic of our feet at f16 and f2.8 I guess to see the difference in DOF.

    The thing is, at these settings, in my lit room, the shutter speed only works when set to 1 or 2, which is way too long for me to hold. The light meter will be all the way at the plus sign, then if I raise or lower the speed 1 setting, it drops all the way to the negative, and never in the middle.

    So how can I tell if its good or not? Im going to replace the battery tomorrow, but the meter moves, so I figured it must be working somewhat :dunno:
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    go outside on a bright sunny day. look for green grass that is lit by the sun.

    have it at f/16 and the shutter speed = to the iso of the film [ie iso 100 = 1/100]. the meter should read 0. you could also replace green grass for your hand (again if lit by the sun), or the deep blue of the sky.

    or do the same but use a 18% gray card, if lit by sun.

    This is sunny 16, meaning that at f/16 and 1/iso for shutter speed, on a sunny day if the subject is lit by the sun, it will be properly exposed. You can have equivalent exposure too. so f16 @ 1/100 is the same as f/11 @ 1/200 is the same as f/8 @ 1/400 is the same as f/5.6 @ 1/800 is the same as f/4 @ 1/1600 . . .

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