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    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a solution for a small business that belongs to a relative of mind. They use alot of spreadsheets, access databases, html documents, etc. The problem is that employees will be accessing these files from other locations and they're having trouble keeping track of the latest version of files, who edited what, etc. They'd also like these files to be available 24/7. I'm thinking they would just like to keep things on a server, instead of passing files to each other's workstations. Can anyone recommend some kind of structure that would aid in version tracking, perhaps a checkout system to resolve conflicts. If they should need a server, what OS? 2003 Server or just some flavor of linux would do? Any additonal software? Security is also required. I hope I described everything clearly, but if not let me know.

    The company is rather small and just started, so they don't really have any dedicated IT staff. Eventually as they grow, I guess they'll hire. Until then my uncle just asks me questions cuz I mess with computers, so I don't have any experience with business systems.
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    plenty of solutions for this, google document management

    m$ sharepoint has this capabilty although it's a pig of an app

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