TAT Smallest available "punch" size?

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by pir8penguin, Apr 8, 2004.

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    The idea is to punch around my current holes (lobe). Right now I'm wearing 10g CBRs. If possible an 8 or 6 would be nice, you know something fairly small but enough to cut around the current piercing. The idea is to create more options. Right now, because of a recent f*ckup, both holes are going to be scarred. I've heard not only does this inhibit stretching, but also closing up. I was thinking if I could punch out around them with something pretty small, I could still eventually go back down in size, or stretch to larger sizes (properly, this time). I don't even know if this is a great idea... this is why I want feedback.
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    10 to 8 & 6gauge are soooo easy.... why go throught he ordeal of punching... you CAN stretch scarred tissues, it's just hard. I did it, scarred my ear at 10g and still I have made it to 4g with no problems.

    once you punch, only stiches can close the hole because you are taking the flesh out of your ear. And then you are DEFINATELY scarring up your ear.

    I'm no expert but a punch for such a small step seems superflous. Nickos will give his professional opinion, so I'm only giving my .02$
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    nobody ever reccomends a punch. i'm just wondering which is worse: my already scarred lobes (incidently at 10g as well, PE) or permanently punched but cleaner holes. if i have to take them out, the punch could obviously be an issue. if i'm going to have problems w/the holes returning to a normal size anyway, then who cares?
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    well you can get a punch at like 2mm maybe even smaller
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    electrical tape:wiggle:

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