Snoop Dogg Pushing Trump to Pardon Death Row Records Co-Founder Michael Harris


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On his final day in office, Donald Trump is getting ready to rain down pardons. Though he's been a vocal critic of the president, Snoop Dogg is hoping to secure one for an old friend. According a report from the Daily Beast, Snoop is reaching out to Trump in the hopes that he'll pardon Death Row Records co-founder Michael "Harry-O" Harris.

Harris has been in prison for more than 30 years on drug trafficking and murder charges. Snoop brought Harris' case to the attention of Weldon Angelos, a former producer who was pardoned by Trump last year. Angelos had been sentenced to 55 years in prison for selling less than $400 worth of marijuana to an undercover cop.
Angelos reached out to Alice Johnson, a criminal justice advocate who had her life sentence pardoned by the president. After meeting with Snoop and Angelos, Johnson brought the case directly to Trump.
“The president knows how much this case means to me," Johnson told the Daily Beast. "In reviewing Michael Harris’ case, his story, and what he’s gone through, this is such an unfair case. … He should have been home a decade ago. I really felt for this man. I am very hopeful that he will be home before the end of the Trump administration.”
Though presidential pardons at the end of an administration are common, Trump's are due to receive an enormous amount of scrutiny as the twice-impeached Apprentice host leaves office under the cloud of a failed insurrection and much more. He has previously used his pardoning power to shocking ends, overturning the will of military courts who found service members guilty of war crimes and pardoning the Blackwater guards responsible for the Nisour Square massacre in Baghdad.

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