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    So a friend of mine, he cut himself tonight pretty bad.. just on the upper arms but 20-40 times orso, he hasnt done that in a couple years but hes been doing it since around 13. He was having a bad day, hed been arguing with his girlfriend for the last few days, had worked 2 shifts in a row at work and barely slept and he came home and he got into an argument with his mother. It seems like throughout the time ive known him arguing with his mother has been the main thing that has pushed him to do things like this. Im not sure what to do, how can i help him/help him help himself?
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    I would at least would try somehow to formulate this in your own words to him.

    Advice your friend definitly to seek councelling. Tell him that he shouldn't give another spin to that wheel of hatred, arguments just aren't worth it, they only poison the relationships with the people you love, even small arguments can lead to big break ups. Be a shoulder to lean on, tell him that you do care for him, and that you are worried for his situation. Show him that there are better ways out of this situation, guide him towards seeing a shrink, and let the focus be on solving the essence of the problem, as wel as trying to avoid those people who are causing the misery.

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