So apparently there is a Trump supporter in Portland v. gas station attack


Setting the timer to 2:15
Aug 25, 2001
You Betcha State
Well that idiot just lost whatever career he had. Won’t be long until someone identifies him and his life as he knows it is over.
Maybe he was triggered because the food rack was basically empty.
Good riddance to him tho


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May 17, 2002
No place for older men
Piece of shit. That dude should not be working in the store solo...
I worked at a 7/11 in Cleveland, long ago. From 11 PM - 8 AM.

So one night a guy comes in, and he's obviously pissed. Well-dressed, around 40, and he has a revolver in his waist.
He says "Where's the fucking blueberry muffins?"

I say "In the blueberry muffin department," thinking maybe I'll get a little chuckle.

At this point, a half-dozen stoners came in. Goofy, high as kites.
The nutty guy is at a far point in the store, muttering to himself. I think he wants to kill me.
I tell the stoners "See that guy? I think he's nuts. If you stay in here until he leaves, I'll make you all the best
subs you've ever had - free."

After about fifteen minutes, the guy went out. Still angry.

I made the boys big fat subs.

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