so can anyone recommend a used car warranty??

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Fishbait, Jun 23, 2004.

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    bought an '01 yesterday. am looking to get an aftermarket used car warranty. hear lots of war stories but also some positive ones..

    curious if anyone out there has purchased a used car warranty that they have been pleased with.

    place i bought my car from really doesn't sell them but the guy did have a brochure for one called VehicleOne by Universal Warranty Corp.


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    I have had experience with "Lubrico" warrenty's.

    Probably the worst company on the face of the planet. Those fucks would try to screw you every way possible...install used or refurb. parts instead of ne, etc. They make you go to one of their "authorized dealers" (which are few and far between and usually total shit places to get your car fixed) to get the car checked out first. You have to pay for this until they realize the broken parts are covered under your warrenty plan. Then they take their sweet time fixing it. Terrible, BUT.....

    In the end It saved me thousands of dollars in repair bills. I had 2 cars covered under them, and both times I used up my full warrenty to the max... Which means your warrenty ends after 60k or 3 yrs...OR after you get a repair bill that is worth the amount of your original purchase price. :Owned:

    $9k and $12k in repairs later, I'm pretty sure they will never allow me to warrenty another vehicle thru them again. :Ownedd:

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