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    Ok, a month ago or so, I posted my situation with my ex. Basically, for the recap, she cheated, got with someone else, says she loves me but then when it came down to it, stayed with him anyway (despite breaking up with him). But when I go back home to visit, she cheated on him numerous times with me. Fine, whatever. I get closure (finally) and come back to Indiana to resume school.

    Here's the thing.

    Since they broke up and got back together, he's moved into her apartment (been together for a month and a few days), have a dog, and goes to work and school. The last three weeks or so, they've been fighting constantly, about one thing or another. Sometimes I get dragged into it, sometimes I don't. I tell her that she's in a bad relationship and that she needs to get out of it, not for my sake (I love her but I know its over v. I want her to be happy) and take care of herself and what she needs.

    Am I right for taking time to listen to her and help her?

    I don't have any motive to get back with her (not that its really possible anyway), she does tell me she misses me and I reciprocate the feeling but I avoid conversations about our hearts almost entirely (she sometimes says "Why'd you leave me, blah blah, pertaining to when I moved up to Indiana), and I'm just genuinely concerned for her.

    Maybe I should just not talk to her for awhile? :dunno:
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    in a word? no. Neither of you have fully gotten past the former relationship enough to be 'friends', if at all it is ever possible.

    if you seriously love her, and want for her to be happy, then that will mean that you have to help her, and you move on.

    to help someone walk, they sometimes need a push if they spend too much time on crutches. kick her crutches away. (and yours)

    and by while, like a LONG time.
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    It sounds like she has a lot of growing up to do and is unstable in her decision making skills. Like RyeBread said, "and by while, like a LONG time." Her dragging you into everything with the new b/f isn't good for you. Move on, focus on your studies, try to find more mature and more stable people to surround yourself with. Little to no drama ftw :)

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