SRS So how do you go about meeting people outside of school?

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Kamisama, Feb 26, 2006.

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    I miss the high school days when I just had tons of friends and there was always someone to hang out with. I moved away and now it's just bleh. All my co-workers are a lot older than me so I feel awkward hanging out with them after work, plus they go to bars a lot and I'm not of drinking age. I run into people, but I usually end up not liking them and stop hanging out with them. I don't know what it is, they're like my high school friends, maybe I was just attached with my high school friends since I basically grew up with them. Life has been so boring and lonely the past 2 years, I'm going fucking crazy. I can't seem to keep myself entertained, I can't play a video game longer than 10 minutes without just going "aww this fucking sucks." All my old hobbies just don't seem fun anymore, like paintballing, and usually when I go I tend to get on everyones bad side.

    Bleh, thoughts :dunno:
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    yeah, it sucks getting out of HS. cuz i had so many friends, well, moreso aquantances, but still, always someone to do something with, or meet, or see around school. i'm kinda in the same dilema. co-works all suck, and, i'm 23 but not into the bar scene, so, meeting people sucks, haha. i wish there were better places than bars to meet girls. but, hopefully when college starts up again it'll be easier. are you going into college? cuz that might be a good place.
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    I had this strange vision about this once, where my uncle appeared and said to me ' You have to step towards the people' if you want to meet someone :dunno:

    It was a strange vision but it seems to be a true story , i mean if you want to meet people you have to step towards them and socialize right?

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