SRS So i asked a girl out v. second time

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    Ok time to start more drama.

    It's long so buckle up.

    Here's a little background. About 3 months ago I was promoted and was transferred to open a new store as a department manager. During this time was when I met this girl. She was also promoted from another store in the area and was transferred to open the new store. She's also a department manager but at the front service desk. Let's call her Emma, cause she looks like Emma Watson. :o

    So anywho, during these past months I've only been talking to her here and there. Just blah blah about me having problems with v.1 Girl, work, and such nothing more. Or so I thought. (so yes she knows alittle about my background (other thread))

    FYI - she always hangs out with another department manager(a guy. we'll call him T) since the store opening. they always seem to be together. more on this later.

    This past Wednesday(10/25) I was up at the service desk talking to a co-worker(she worked with me at the old store and was transferred to this store. we'll call her D). We were just talking and then Emma walked up and joined in. Out of no where D says:

    D: You two would look cute together. You guys should hook up.
    Emma: I don't think so. His parents wouldn't approve. I'm white with a kid.
    Me: :hs:

    At this point Emma walks away.

    D: Smile more.

    Me: ok. I walk away.

    Later that day Emma asks me if i want to go have drinks with her and T(she knows I don't drink). I said i couldn't because I was closing the store that night. I brush it off.

    Thrusday(10/26) I worked. After work I went out with a couple co-workers. I also go work out with these guys. We'll call them G and H.

    INFO - I knew G had a crush on Emma. But the guy is in his 40's. His son was her age.

    Anywho G, H, and I went out to go drinking after work. It was around 8pm. G is already wasted. Being an ass all the way around. I get a text:

    ***** txt: When do you work tomorrow?

    At this point I don't know who this is. G and H see me looking at the phone and asks who it is. I said I don't know but they know me. The guys tell me to asks who it is.

    Me txt: who is this?
    ***** txt: It's Emma.

    me: guys it's Emma.
    G: what? you're joking right?
    me: *shows G the txt*
    G: you dog. you know i asked her out but got shot down right? what does she want?
    me: dude, how should i know?
    G: ask her what's she's doing. just don't tell her that I'm here.

    Me txt: Hey, what's going on?
    Emma txt: not much. what are you doing?
    Me txt: out drinking with the guys.
    Emma txt: I thought you said you didn't drink.
    me txt: i normally don't.
    emma txt: should you be?
    me txt: i'm not drinking beer if that makes a difference. what are you up to?

    blah blah.

    me txt: forgive me in advance if i drunk call you later tonight.
    emma txt: you can call if you want. just be very careful.

    me and the guys finish the night.

    She has never txt me before. I thought this was odd. It left me thinking.

    Friday(10/27) I am off this day. I run errands. then decided to txt her just to see.

    Me txt: So when do you work today?
    Emma txt: I'm off.
    Me txt: Have you had lunch yet?
    Emma txt: I have to get my son in a bit. haven't had lunch yet.
    Me txt: Would you like to have lunch with me afterwards?
    Emma txt: I will go before.

    So we meet at the restaurant where she was close to. just had lunch and chit chatted.

    I find out that there was nothing between her and T. she told me. i didn't ask. she told me that they were just good friends. but she can't talk to him anymore because she was the cause of T and his fiance's breakup. Fiance found Emma's number in T's phone and went psycho..

    she also tells me that she had planned to go to some haunted house but decided not to go anymore because her ex-husband made a big deal about her asking his brother to go with her.

    we blah blah moar.

    Later that night I text her.

    Me txt: I know it's late but do you still want to go to that haunted house thing?
    Emma txt: i would love to but i will take a raincheck. i enjoyed your company today.

    Didn't think much more about any of it.

    Saturday (10/28) I worked 2-11 pm. meaning I close the store. Emma worked one of the earlier shifts. we chit chat here and there. that's all. she leaves the store at around 6 pm. she calls me through the store phone:

    Emma: I'm leaving now. When do you get off work?
    Me: I close today.
    Emma: Your offer to take me to the haunted house still stands?
    Me: of course. but i can't tonight i close
    Emma: If i can get you off early will you go?
    Me: of course. but how will you be able to get me off early?
    Emma: I'll take care of it. Bye.
    Me: okay?

    5 mins later the store manager calls me and tells me that another manager approved me leaving early. she told me that i can leave at 8. i was like :eek3:

    about 6:30 ish rolls around. i get a text:

    Emma txt: So did they call you yet to tell you can leave early?
    Me txt: lol yes. what did you do?
    Emma txt: I talked to **** (manager). she's like my mom. i told her you needed to take off early because we had plans.
    me txt: well thanks.
    Emma txt: you can change your mind about going tonight.
    me txt: why would i do that? I'm excited to take you.
    Emma txt: just putting it out there that you can change your mind.
    Me txt. well i'm not changing my mind
    Emma txt: ok.

    8 rolls around and i am about to leave. Manager that told me that i had permission from the other manager calls me and says that i need to stay another hour since there is no coverage in 3 different departments.

    I had to txt Emma:

    Me txt: they are making me stay because there is no coverage in the back half of the store. would 9 be too late for you?
    Emma txt: you still want to go?
    Me txt: of course
    Emma txt: i will make an exception.

    So at 9 i head to go pick up Emma and we had a great time at the haunted house thing. it was a lengthy drive and i got to talk to her more. we go to get something to eat afterwards. she wanted to pay so i let her. i take her home. it's about 1am we get to her house:

    Emma: i'd invite you to come in but it's late. i'll see you at work tomorrow.
    Me: alright bye.

    I go home.

    Sunday(10/29). We work 10-7. again at work we chat here and there. we take lunch together. 7 comes up and we leave. i head out with the guys to go drink and watch the game.

    Monday(10/30). We both work the early shift. had lunch together again. i leave work at 4. we txt back and fourth till 10pm:

    Emma txt: see you tomorrow
    Me txt. i wish. i'm off tomorrow
    Emma txt: oh that's right. you wish?
    Me txt: yes. i'm off so i won't be able to see you. when do you work?
    Emma txt: *:**-*:**. why?
    Me txt: nothing
    Emma txt:no really?
    Me txt: so i can't ask you when you work?
    Emma txt: i guess you are entitled to do so
    Me txt: besides if i really wanted i can always call the store and find out your hours.
    Emma txt: I guess if it's that important to you then you could do that.
    Me txt: I just wanted to know when you work so i would know when to come by and take you to lunch.
    Emma txt: You are becoming a habit.
    Me txt: you could say no. there's always an option.
    Emma txt: Why would i do that?

    blah blah and more blah blah till she decides to go to sleep.

    Today tuesday (10/31)

    I text her and ask how she was. she's having a shitty day:

    Me txt: how are you?
    Emma txt: very unhappy now.
    Me txt: what's wrong?
    Emma txt: just a bad day. i want to leave early.
    Me txt: then go. take off early and just go home.
    Emma txt: but then I won't see you today.
    Me txt: but you're having a bad day. don't you just want to go home and rest? unless you think seeing me today will make you feel any better.

    blah blah moar.

    I'm working my other job. she texts me and asks me what I am doing now. she's at her house. I tell her I'll be done in a couple hours. she tells me to inform her after i am done. I finish my work and asks her if she still wanted to go out and eat. she says yes and i pick her up and we go for supper, talk, take her home. Dropping her off i meet her ex husband. he's dropping off their son. it was awkward. i was like :ugh: . she invites me to come in. we talk more till i leave since it was getting late.

    So at this point i dunno if she wants me to be a friend or what. Am i replacing T as her friend since she can't talk to him anymore? I dunno and i don't want to make a move until i find out because i still work with the girl. i don't want it to become awkward at work. :dunno:

    i think i need to stop seeing people from work lol
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    You're on a roll. :bowdown:

    I seriously thought after the first girl, it'd be a long while before you do anything with another lady.

    But yeah, reiteriating from other thread: Don't let your parents control you and don't draw out things too long, if you see an opportunity to get laid, grab it!

    Good luck, brosef!
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    Well, you're obviously interested in her but you have 2 choices :
    1) escalate
    2) back off a little because it gets weird to see her that much but do nothing.
  4. Maybe

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    In for new OT Soap :bowdown:
  5. MCohen

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    Washington, DC
  6. Jay Pheezy

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    Mm agreed here. As she said 'you're becoming a habit,' if you are you better be moving things along. Just don't make the same mistakes as last time, that's the point.

    But anyway in for another 30 pages of action :x:
  7. 18c

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    stop seeing people from work it will get complicated and blow up in your face
  8. Pringles

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    Me txt: besides if i really wanted i can always call the store and find out your hours.

    not that I'm a love god, but just in the furture I would'nt say that as you come off as clingy and almost irrational. Like are you going to call her mother to find out her favorite color? In this case it didnt matter b/c shes all over you and you seem to both be using higher powers to get shit on the roll. Also remember im not a love god, just an opinon.

    I'd also like to throw down mad props to you. If I knew you in person I'd be supportive as fuck your doing great and keep going strong. I enjoy reading your stories and I read the last one.

    If this gets serious IE more than friends/buttlove than you gotta deal with ex hubby remember. Also notice how they interact that will clue you to how your future with her might be.

    otherwise mad props keep it up! But like 18c said gl with work ladies esp. this one. If you fuck up she has the power to get your fired it would seem. Careful.
  9. DiggityDogg

    DiggityDogg Guest

    I agree.

    On a seperate note, stop the texting or at least slow it down. If you have to use it, fine, but try to talk in person more. Also, ask her out on a real date and not lunch. All of these lunch breaks and you guys haven't kissed or anything... it's starting to look like friendville shortly. Get a real date planned and take her out. Once it is over do not leave the date without KISSING her. It's time... no well past time, for you to start taking this towards a offical dating relationship. You don't need to stop and talk about it, just start directing it towards one by setting up real dates and kissing her/making out. It's time you see where this goes.
  10. Welsh0913

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    Learn from your other experience... she seems like she likes you, its time to test the waters more.
  11. Peyomp

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    You should also work on relaxing and... not obsessing over this stuff to the point that you are even able to type such a detailed account. Kiss the girl. Your style seems... wait for a moment, late at night and then... ask if you can kiss her. Then do that shit.
  12. big 1

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    Good job man! reading that was like a 21st century romance seriously though it sounds like you two will click. If you really like her, keep on the pursuit and dont let another man get in your way!

    PS. keep us posted
  13. johan

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    yeah, what he said.
  14. BlazinBlazer Guy

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    Ohhh boy. Here we go again! :noes:
  15. MudRacer4x4

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    I think shes kind of into you. Keep chilling with her and see what happens.
  16. Ameter

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    first of all.... in for another novel :drama:

    second of all.... where's the leprechan you caught and how can i get one? Never have I heard of someone with no game having this happen once, let alone twice. Maybe its the '40 year old virgin' allure :dunno:

    thirdly.... as others have noted, dont obsess so much, that part of the convo about her hours stuck out like a sore thumb

    lastly... she's definitely showing signs of interest, next time you see her, plan to kiss her, so make plans to wind up someplace where she and you can feel comfortable kissing.
  17. Lazy D.

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    interesting read. She's sending mixed signals though...
  18. Sandwich

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    that was a good, smooth read. kept my attention, lol.

    sounds like a good thing to me though, but like was said above, watch out for friendville.. that's what i'd be worried about right now. go to the movies or something like that where you could hold her hand.
  19. Crush

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    Chapel Hill, NC
  20. nish81

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    In for more OT crack :drama:

    Oh, and the best advice I can give you is to kiss her - ASAP.

    Edit: in on page 1, in-case of another epic
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2006
  21. Arclight

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    :mad: Why did I have to come into this thread and read it? WHY?! :mad:

    Crack indeed. :mad:
  22. We_Todd

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    About that hours/schedule part. I was joking with her about it. It wasn't stalker like stuff. She knew it.

    Also about the obsessing part. I just have a good memory and I'm just replaying it. :dunno:

    Anywho, today's little update.

    So I was off with work from her today. But i still had work #2.

    Woke up like 11 ish and texted her "good morning"

    Text goes back and fourth blah blah.

    Then I decided to just call her instead. We talk more about who is doing what today. I tell her what all i was doing. went something like this:

    Me: So i got blah blah to do.
    Emma: sounds like you have a full day of work. I guess I won't be able to see you at all today then.

    more blah blah

    After that I do my work. with her texting me here and there.

    I get done with work. She texts me and asks if i was done. I told her yes. She said she had to go meet her mom but asked if i had free time to meet with her before then. I told her yes and we met at starbucks and just talked for a while. Time came up for her to leave. I walked her to her car and told her that i'll see her tomorrow. Then she goes:

    Emma: You close tomorrow right?
    Me: Yes.
    Emma: Would you like to come over for supper tonight?
    Me: Of couse.
    Emma: Would 7 be fine?
    Me: That sounds great.
    Emma: What time do you need to get home? <---- she knew about that curfew thing
    Me: It doesn't matter.
    Emma: Ok good. I have work late tomorrow. See you in a few.

    So yeah. I got invited over to her house for supper. :o
  23. Kortiz-DZ

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    Northeastern Indiana
    how old are you? i ask because i'm not known to this curfew...and it sounds as though you are over the age of 21 (drinking)
  24. Bruticus

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    :drama: Your threads are awesome and absolutely excruciating at the same time :rofl:

    You might have to make a move tonight, it's looking good dude :) If it's there, just do it, don't over analyse it.

    And bloody hell don't let the family screw this up as well.
  25. Bruticus

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    He had another loooooooong thread here, I believe he was something like 25, it's just his parents are very controlling.

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