TAT So, I got tickets to the KROQ MUSINK Tattoo Convention/Music Festival for my birthday

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Lucien, Feb 10, 2009.

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    Any other OT'ers going? :noes:

    I'm considering entering into the "best color" category to win some money so i can actually get some new ink from one of the artists there.

    Artist list: http://musink.org/Final/Artists.aspx

    Band list: http://musink.org/Final/Bands.aspx (i'm not too hot on the bands, but whatever)

    Do you guys think i have any chance of winning the color contest if i enter with my C&H piece? I've never been to a tattoo convention before and have no idea what the contests are like or how serious the competition is. :dunno:
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    is this Kat von D's production?

    and you will never know if you will win unless you enter. G/L:x:
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  4. Lucien

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    bump for day crew

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