SRS So I had a few family tragedies in the past year...

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    My dad was gone from my life for a good part of the first 15 years of my life. He wasn't always a father figure to me, but when he was, he did a good job. Even though he wasn't always there for me when I was a child, I've reconnected with him during my teenage, and then "young adult" years. He passed away last October. He was 49.
    A few days ago I found out my uncle, who practically has helped to raise me, died in an accident last week. He was 52.
    And now my grandfather, who's 76, has suffered a stroke, with whom I had lived for more than half a decade, and who hes raised me when my parents were absent, is in hospital, and refusing to eat and drink.
    Shit. I hope I won't end up losing three close family members within a timespan of less than 12 months.
    I wish I had more time with my dad. I wish I hadn't somewhat ignored my uncle in the past few years. He was very good to me when I was younger, and I sort of feel like I've neglected him recently. WIth my grandfather, I've always had a distant relationship. He is a kind of man who doesn't need to explres feeling to let them be known, if that makes sense. When my parents were gone, he, along with my grandmother, stepped in in their place for several years. He's suffered a stroke a few years ago which changed him a lot. He became a warmer person, less distant. I wish I could've spent more time with him, and learn more about him from him... Three quarters of a century is a hell of a long time to gather an endless collection of stories to tell. His current condition is pretty serious, and I really hope I'll get to see him again.
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    sorry to hear that dude...

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