LOVE So I have this guy that likes me...


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Jun 22, 2005
However at this point in my life I am not really interested in a relationship. That being said I also want someone to come home from work to, cuddle with, and go do things with. I have little to no interest in sex (no I don't have ED or anything, just not interested in it), and this guy obviously does. Sure the age difference probably has something to do with it as I turn 27 in 3 weeks and he just turned 20 or 21. I will also admit I'm kinda scared to meet him as I'm scared I will like him and let him into my life and then things will go south. Ya'll know me as OT is the only place I can vent about most of my life, so what should I do :hs:


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Jun 23, 2006
Be honest with your feelings. :dunno:

I've been in almost the same situation as that guy and the person I liked quickly started going out with me, but just one month later he couldn't take it anymore because, yeah, just like you, he did want someone to do things, cuddle and all that but was not interested in relationships as he was focusing on other aspects of his life. That ended up hurting me a lot, but back then (and it's funny when I say that because it was barely two years ago) I was very weak and always felt the need to have someone to feel strong.

I don't know how this guy is but just be honest with yourself and with him.

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