So I have to buy a new laptop for school...

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Marina, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. Marina

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    Sep 19, 2003
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    Alexandria, VA
    :eek3: I have had good experiences with Dell, and this is the laptop I came up with. I'm an engineering student so I'm assuming I'll have to run some simulation-like software and such on it. Does this look good?

    Inspiron 600m
    Intel Pentium®M,1.4GHz,14.1XGA ATI 64MB Video, Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional
    Price: $2,530.00
    Inspiron 600m: Intel Pentium®M,1.4GHz,14.1XGA ATI 64MB Video
    Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional
    Special Offer: FREE Dell A920 Printer AND Kodak CX 6230 Camera!
    Memory: 384MB,DDR,266MHz 2 Dimms
    Floppy Drive and Additional Storage Devices: 128MB Dell USB Memory Key and Floppy Drive
    Hard Drive: 40GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive
    Optical:8X Max DVD Drive
    Primary Battery: 48WHr Primary Battery
    Additional Battery: 48WHr Additional Primary Battery
    Wireless Networking Cards: Dell TrueMobile™1300 WLAN (802.11b/g, 54Mbps)
    Wireless Broadband Router: Dell TrueMobile 2300 (802.11b/g) Wireless Router with 1Yr Adv Exchange
    Bundled Software: MS Office XP Academic Std w/EducateU (410-1048)¹²
    Integrated Modem and NIC: Internal 56K Modem and Integrated Network Card

  2. Lee

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    Aug 25, 2003
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    Cincinnati, OH
    Yea that doesn't look bad.
    But we have no idea the requirments of your "simulation like software" to say what the best built system would be for your needs.
  3. CompiledMonkey

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    Oct 26, 2001
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    Richmond, VA
    It just seems too expensive for what you're getting. Try to get Office through your school if you can. Generally you'll find better prices there. Also, do you really need a second battery? Lastly, you should really get the least amount of RAM possible and then buy some later for a cheaper price.

    Last December I purchased this machine:

    Inspiron 4150
    P4-M 1.7GHz
    14.1 with ATI 7500 (1400.1050.32)
    Windows XP Professional
    256MB DDR
    Floppy drive
    8x DVD
    40GB 5400RPM HHD
    Internal WNIC 802.11b

    Price: ~$1400
  4. 5Gen_Prelude

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    Mar 14, 2000
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    Vancouver, BC, CANADA
    The external devices aren't even Dell brand if I'm not mistaken - you could buy those separately too.
  5. ChosenGSR

    ChosenGSR Mama always said you'd be the chosen one

    Oct 24, 2001
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    HoCo, MD
    Let me start by saying the 600m is a wonderful choice. I have one with a 1.3ghz centrino. It is much lighter/slimer than most laptops and the battery life is great.

    my recommendations:

    - drop XP pro for XP home, will save you some money... unless you think you will need to use IIS.
    - get the DVD RW combo drive, so you can burn stuff.
    - if you will use graphical simulation the 64mb card is good, otherwise 32 will do just fine.
    - get the highest possible resolution screen.
    - external storage drives are pretty much usesless.
    - compiledmonkey might be right about the ram, but if you dont want to deal with it just buy as much ram as you can.

    lastly, I got my 600m for $1200... just something to think about.
  6. amill94

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    Oct 5, 2003
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    Wow thats horribly over priced. do yourself a favor and jump off the dell bandwagon. There computers and especially laptops are so damn overpriced its rediculous. For that money buy an IBM.
  7. druid

    druid What do the 5 fingers say?

    May 13, 2001
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    Dell can be overpriced if you just build a custom system like that. If you look for the hot deals (try then you can get great prices on dell's.

    Less than a month ago i got an Inspiron 1100
    celeron 2.2ghz
    15.1" display
    40gb hard drive
    dvd-cdrw combo drive
    256mb pc2100 ram

    for $515

    The point, look for the hot deals, look for some dell coupons on ebay ect. Its a good laptop but you can get a FAR better price then that, $2500 is way to much.

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