SPORTS so i started boxing


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Oct 22, 2006
ive got a little experience. im 6' and a heavy weight.this young kid ive been sparring with is 6'3 about 170.and WTF im getting owned.ive been sparring(read ring war) with him a lot about 3-4 times a the fuck do you fight a tall guy?i cant get past his reach,i try going to the body but he,s too fast,he just stays out of reach..ive been trying fighting out of a crouch but that aint working either.i ve been trying to rush in and clinch but the mother fucker is making me pay for every! im getting frustrated.i do half way decent against guys my height,but no bodys my height in the do i fight a tall guy,is there some trick.the thing that pisses me off is the slight smirk on his face,the fucker is toying with me,damn i wish i had longer arms.


Maestro Nobones said:
no clue cuz I'm on the other end of that situation
:werd: when i was doing boxing as a kid I was always 4-6" taller than all the guys my age and even the older guys often. Now I'm 6'4" so in most cases it's probably the same thing if I got back into it.

Good movement, patience, and counter-attacks. That is how you dominate. At least that's waht always got me. Always move, make them get tired from trying to attack, and then go into defense mode when the opportunities arise.


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Sep 8, 2005
Don't force your way in. Slip and work your way in correctly rather than just panicking to do it.


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May 3, 2006
Hong Kong
dont blindly charge him...
feint alot, make him think about your next move....keep him guessing.....
circle him (away from his power hand) ....
come in and out of range....
wait for him to come to you....look for an opening ( lazy jab, certain hand drops in certain situations - this is best observing when you watch him sparr somebody else )
fight smart my brotha, youll find a way. GL. and keep us posted.


Watch Silvia vs. Couture and study Randy's moves.... hell that match was 95% boxing anyway.

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