SRS So I thought i met the right girl, but i got decisions to make. v need OT's help

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by The Militant, Apr 5, 2006.

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    She had recently broken up with her boyfriend. We started talkin a little after and then began talkin just about everyday for hours in the last few weeks. I don't know whether or not i should take it further and also wether or not i am in the position too.(we still arent formally dating or together) Im participating in a sport, and have practice after school the only days i dont work and even have practice right after work and school some days, i recently totaled my car so im saving for a new one which doesnt leave me with much spening money during the weeks. It was all fine but she is really pushing to have sex now, im no faggot so im willing to do it but im either afraid this would either mean that we have to be a real couple(i want to be but now doesnt seem like the best time) and not just the good friends we are now, or friends with benifits and we all know that complicates things alot.

    then there is the evil OT side of me that says, who gives a fuck, just fuck her and forget about her. Its not like im gonna marry someone in highschool plus im in need of sex

    basicly im wondering if
    1: i am even in the position to have a relationship with all the little problems happening around me.
    2: i should fuck and risk our relationship
    3: given but still, let down the guys and miss a good game or get laid.
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  2. PuppyCat

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    1. No, you are not in the position to start a relationship this very minute.
    2. Why bother?
    3. Laid one can get anytime, miss a don't want to do that.

    Wait awhile, get your car, get it together and then go romp.
  3. Mars Princess

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    I dont think she wants a serious relationship if she JUST broke up and is willing to hop on the dick of another guy. I just think she misses the cock and misses some affection on top of it. I mean yall sound like yall click so i'm not saying she doesn't WANT a relationship ..she just might not be ready for one it. if you dont have a car or a lot of money, then I would seriously not bother with it.

    one of two things can happen: she drags out her feelings and is a fuck buddy , giving you time to get your shit together or she just gets closer and clingy. your risk to take. i wouldn't bother with it

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