So I want to get a receiver and some speakers

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Dorn, Aug 31, 2006.

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    With the eventual goal (probably a few years down the road) to have a complete home theater system. I've got some options though.

    We just got an accomodation through work for Denon receivers, so I've been looking at them. I've been looking at a couple receivers from the. One being the AVR-887, and the other being the AVR-787. I've also been looking at the AVR-687 a bit too. The only reason I'd go for the 887 is the HDMI input/output, which I'm not sure if I'd use right now but I know I will in the future.

    However, we do have an Onkyo accomodation coming up in October I believe, and I've always been a fan of their receivers. I've been looking at the TXSR-603X for some time now, but they just came out with the successor to that one in the TXSR-604, which adds the HDMI input and output. On all of these receivers, I think the max price I'd be paying is like $350 or something similar to that.

    Now here's the big decision to make. I have a few different ways I can go here.

    The thing I had initially thought of was just picking up a good set of bookshelf speakers. I was looking at the Boston Acoustics CR series. I think the ones on our accomodations is the CR65 model, but I'l have to check again on those.

    Then I was thinking about floorstanding. Again, Boston Acoustics, these ones being the VR2 model. The only issue with these is space. All of this (right now) is going in a bedroom and will later go into either a bedroom or a living room, not sure yet. However, this gives me very good sound in here.

    The other option is to just go with a satellite speaker/sub package, such as the Polk RM6800. This eliminates having to get more stuff down the road, but doesn't give me as good of sound for stereo. However, we do have these set up in the store hooked up to an Onkyo 603X and they don't sound bad at all on stereo. Obviously, it won't give me the range of the floorstanders or the bookshelfs. Or, I could just go with the Polk SurroundBar, but I'm not sure I want to go that way.

    So that's the stuff I'm looking at.

    As far as what I'll be doing with the system. Mostly TV watching, obviously some DVD watching, and there will be a lot of gaming. The XM-ready capability also means I'll be moving my current XM radio to the car and hooking the antenna up to the receiver. Also, more than likely I'll get either the Denon or Onkyo iPod dock/adapter and hook that up. Again, this is being set up in a bedroom, not very big. That's only temporary though, eventually it's going in either a living room or a bigger bedroom when I move.

    So, give me some thoughts here, or ask some questions and I'll answer.

    By the way, all model numbers are links.
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    You could get studio monitors.

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