MMA So if you just so happen to live in Sonoma County, CA..check out Fighter's Academy

Discussion in 'OT Bar' started by Epik High, Jul 11, 2007.

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    I just wanted to express my excitement over the fact that I found a gym at home (where my parents live) and they offered me free training for the time i'm here, so about two weeks.

    Long story short I found the place and walked in out of curiosity and met the owner. Pretty young guy and said he used to train in Muay Thai with Fairtex in San Francisco. We were talking and I told him that I trained in Muay Thai for a short while in San Luis Obispo, but stopped because I graduated and found a job up in San Francisco. So I explained to him that the job doesn't start till the end of the month, and i'm just hanging out till then. I then explained to him that it would be awesome if I could train here for like half a month (with the hopes that he would let me only pay half a month for training) and he just suggested that I train there for free! I was blown away, and thought that it was an awesome gesture so I started going today!

    Their MT class is pretty basic, just did pad work and it seems like most of the students are beginners. There isn't much personalized attention and I don't think i'll really learn anything new, but it's always nice to strenghten my basics and to use the cardio. It's not like i'm an amateur fighter anyway.

    I'm hoping I can start sneaking into the BJJ classes, they're taught by Gracie Barra. I have to see what level they are at though, cause i've only taken a seminar and mostly know everything from watching MMA :mamoru:

    They also focus on Krav Maga which I found interesting, i've taken a seminar on that too and some of it is kinda :ugh2:, but I know people who take it very seriously like a martial art.

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