so im getting my new laptop friday and i need help

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    it has a built in wireless NIC. so obviously i need a wireless router. i have the good old LinkSys 4 port router right now, and thats going to stay here at home and the wireless router will be eventually set up at the apartment in a few months.

    the question i have now: do i want to plug the wireless into the cat5 cable that is coming into my room from the LinkSys i have now? can i run one off the other like that, or is it a bad idea? i suppose i should just remove the main linksys out in the living room now and plug all the exsisting cat5 cables in to that.

    then i could just swap later when i move out to the apartment and plug the wired LinkSys back in at home.

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    Yeah the simplest thing would be to just swap out the routers. But you could also either:

    a) connect the WAN port of the wifi router to a switch port on the existing router or,

    b) connect a switch port on each router to eachother.

    In option b, you wouldn't be being the wifi router as a router. It would just be an access point. You'd want to change the LAN IP address on the wifi unit it something else so it doesn't conflict with the existing router's IP address. They're both set to out of the box. You'd also want to disable the DHCP server one of the routers. The advantage of this is that you have all your machines on the same LAN without any routers or firewalls between your machines.

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