so im giving litestep a try

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Scream_Phoenix, Feb 5, 2003.

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    i decided to give it a try, configuring is pretty straight forward, but i havent gotten into adding any modules tho yet.

    anyway, ive had a few glitches with it, im wondering if it maybe the themes ive been using or if i should get used to it if i stay with it as my shell.

    first off, if i delete a file it will delete, but the file will "appear" stay for 3 or so seconds after i hear the recycle bin sound. same with renaming, i rename it, it goes back to the old name once i hit enter or click on blank space, then 3 seconds later it goes to the new name. kinda frustrating.

    not as big a deal, but the other thing was i was editing the popup files and the whole bar started going haywire, i recycled twice and it didnt fix so i shutdown litestep and restarted it from LSCP and it worked fine after that. im thinking this might have been because i was editing the popup file and recycling a lot to see the changes, i havent really had any other problems with it the last few days otherwise.

    heres what my desktop looks like so far:

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    :bigthumb: Looks good so far.

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