MIL So im going to Tinker...

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by evan2, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. evan2

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    Better then my other choice of Ellsworth so I am happy....

    Anyone there now? I am going to the 552 maint ops squadron...this is fine but I work in CE

    now there are a few bases that have my job as a facility mgr though its not really part of our job. Ive done it before in saudi and it was fun. I have a few other ideas what I could be doing. This is a tenant E3 AWACS unit on Tinker so im really at a loss as to what Ill be doing there. I can wait on my sponsor letter of course but more info now the better. I report before 9 Aug
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    OK Sizzle
    I'm at tinker. I work in the 552 Communications Group. :wavey:

    I can't really help you on your specific job though.
  3. evan2

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    oh snapes...Well I got in touch with the dude im replacing
    he is a MSgt and im a staff so we will see how that goes

    heard that in fiscal 09 that job is gone though so they are unsure if I would not come to Tinker at all or move to a different part of the base though do believe a lot of CE there is contracted out so who knows
  4. brackac

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    Like I said in your previous thread, Tinker isn't a bad base. OKC has a lot of activities, and Dallas is only a 3 hour drive. You should volunteer to attend the 3rd Herd Combat Readiness School while you are there. 3 weeks of good tactical training.
  5. c.a

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    i grew up in okc so if you have any questions about the locale just ask
  6. evan2

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    Well the job is done in June 09 so I could just end up being there for a year. Its the only EA slot at Tinker so dont see myself moving anywhere else on base as the guys that do my work on mainbase are all contract

    my functional is tdy this week but I emailed him, not sure how much he can help until monday.
  7. evan2

    evan2 Guest

    Well seems Im being diverted elsewhere and as I should be an ACC asset I will most likely going to an ACC base unless they have no other use for me

    then AFPC just picks me a different conus base

    Crosses fingers for Nellis or DM as they are my top choices....the rest are ok in shaw, charleston, seymour johnson and moody

    just dont want Minot really...

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