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    I went with my Mom and my younger sister today to go out but the reason why I was going was because yesterday I asked my Mom if she'd take me to the store. I was feeling sick and wanted some food and medicine so she said today she'd take me.

    When she came to pick me up, my younger sister was there too. This is the same one that didn't want to pick me up (another thread, another story); the same one that when I called to talk to her about it she became angry and started to just randomly bitch about everything. Anyway, since she was driving we went to Best Buy and I conveyed to them both that I was sick and didn't want to stay out too long and she just said, "Sure thing."

    After Best Buy, she went to the Mall that was across from BB, and after an hour and half there I was getting a bit annoyed because I was getting hungry, my head was hurting, and I just wanted to lay down and not walk so much because I was getting dizzy. Once we started heading to target, I asked when we were going to go to the grocery store because I didn't want to be out too long anymore. My younger sister's reply was bitchy. She said that it was my problem that I wanted to go shopping with them and I said that I didn't want to go shopping with them because Mom had said she'd just take me to the grocery store. If I knew that they were going to go out shopping all day I would of just taken a Taxi to the grocery store that was near by my place. Then she started bitching about how she's not a fucking psychic and can't read my mind and that she didn't know I was sick when I obviously told her and everyone else that I am sick. I don't really know what her fucking problem is.

    Every time I talk to her she sounds like she has something stuck in her ass. She talks to me and everyone else like a condescending ass hole and she knows this but won't admit to it and when someone points it, she replies along the lines of, "I'm not the one saying that I know everything and that I'm a smart ass. It's not my fault that I'm saying what I think I know and that you're just saying things because you're assuming."

    :wtf: ???

    So I just get fed up with it, shut myself up, listen to her bitch her heart out to her content, and said, "You know, I'm so sick and tired of arguing with you all the time. Go ahead and bitch all you want." Then she goes off, and etc...

    It just infuriates me. With all the family shit that's been going on this year, I don't understand how she can just act that way. She's fucking 19, not 12. I don't give a shit if she's going to college--it doesn't show me that you know anything at first hand about the real world. It doesn't show me how 'grown up' you really are.

    I'm just so sick and tired of the bitching and moaning and the arguing. It makes me feel so... I don't know, depressed about it I guess.

    It made me cry. And I mean, the whole "I can't breath" type of cry. I was really upset. Not at her, not at me, but just how petty it all really was.

    Damn, my Mom had a minor stroke, my parents divorced, he's back making life hell for my Mom, and honestly, I don't know how long my Mom is going to live and I know that my father won't ever be there for us. Why can't she understand that? Is she angry because I'm not living with my Mom to help take care of her? Is she angry because I'm not doing the 'older sisterly' duties of letting her do whatever the fuck she wants because I'm the older un-married sister that has to hold the responsibilities of taking care of my Mom? I don't fucking know.

    But whatever the fuck it is, she needs to let it go.

    I'll probably rant more later. :o So sick... tired... blah.
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    LOL in your first thread I thought you were a guy, since that's the type of relationship my sister and I had when we were younger. She matured and grew up a lot after highschool, it wasn't until she had a kid, that she really settled down.

    Let her know how fucked up she's being, don't let her walk on you like that. You both are going through hell, you're not alone and neither is she, she needs to realize this. Family is the most important thing we as humans have. You can also create your own "Family" and let her know if she keeps it up, she won't be in it. Your mom is the connection between you two, and I hope this doesn't happen, but if she does pass, that common ground is gone. You won't have to put up with her anymore. Again, I hope neither of those happen, but she must know it if she's all knowing and powerful lol...

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