So Macbook was just updated...

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by mds2004, Jun 1, 2007.

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    Will another come out this year? I know about the conference of whatever in June but I am the epitome of newbie when it comes to Macs. In fact I am switching to Mac from PC as I am finally transferring to a new University. I am curious as to if a new Macbook will be released before mid-August or not due to the release earlier of this month. I want to buy one now but I I know I will regret it if they upgrade it just a few months after mine is purchased.
    Oh, and do you think the black version is worth it aesthetics-wise? I am going to check them out soon to see which I like more. I will spend the extra funds though if I deem the black one that much spiffier.
    Thanks in advance, Mark.
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    you said you're going to get it for Uni? wait till the back to school shopping season, they have good promo's around then (you'll get something free usually), and sometimes they'll have an update around that time period.

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