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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by wik, Apr 21, 2005.

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    May 30, 2004
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    I can't take this anymore.
    I meet people online all the time, and they all have problems of sorts, whether it be bad grades, lack of life quality, anxiety, well the list goes on.
    I automatically go into emo mode and want to help these people over the internet.

    But it sucks, it wears me out.
    I'm not trying to label myself some kind of online savior, I'm just saying, damnit, I just wish I could help all these people.
    It's especially frustrating when they don't take my advice, or they feel it's hopeless.

    I've been diagnozed with schizophrenia myself, however, I have the least problems, compared to some of these people.
    I guess this is just a rant, needed to get it out.
  2. It's ok to get it out here. We all understand what you're saying. Often the more frustrated you feel towards your lack of control over the worlds problems is often an inner reflection of how powerless you feel over your own situation.

    If you can allow others to be a reflection that you learn from, then you'll see that while the worlds problems can't all be solved by you - all of your problems can be directly worked on, and certainly improved by you.

    I do not and will not help others if I feel my own health does not permit it. This often happens to me! I often have to say no, or I have to ignore a plea for help. If I feel it will do damage to me then I do my best to simply move into the shadows. Counselors, and other support systems [groups, churches, family, friends, even other members of Asylum] are available for these people who seek help. I make sure to tell them to seek out these tools rather than trying to rely on me. I can't always be available, but other support systems can be!
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    What you're doin, wik, is almost like what goes on here.

    sometimes, people are receptive to help, most of the time, they're just emo and want to complain - that's fine but at least make the latter clear so those who wish to help don't have to waste their time other than offering support.

    No prob in venting, you made that clear to us :)
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    you can't be everyone's savior but the fact you show you care is doing people some good, whether they recognize it or not. Just work on being a positive influence but try not to draw in too much pain and suffering from that person. Instead, turn it into something you can learn from. Instead of seeing other people's hardships as depressing or burdensome, see them as a way for you to grow and learn,which can help others down the road

    it is just crazy how people are so pressed with this and that. It's almost as if people don't have time to stop and breathe anymore
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    Then take a break from Asylum. It'll still be here when you want to visit.
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    Actually, i come to the asylum here , because i have the problem that i have a lack of other people's problems to solve :noes:

    Can anyone help me with that? :coolugh:

    Gimme all your problems, i will have them for lunch and eat them alive :spank:

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    I know wik from IRC, really good guy...I suggest not helping people unless they directly ask you for help.

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