So my Website is DEAD... any advice?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by 300zx, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. 300zx

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    Basically I have an automotive community, I was able to set it all up during the summer but I don't really have any time to do much right now.

    I was hoping that people would join and post and it could sustain itself, but I wasn't too successful in finding active people :/
    So yeah, basically it's dead now and I don't really know what to do.

    The site is in case you want to check it out and help me out :(
  2. Nefarious77

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    first off, who's going to want to register for a forum site they can't even preview first? I wouldn't waste my time with your site.
  3. cvgwpg

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    OK, I dunno what I deal is, but your site seems flawed.

    First, there doesn't seem to be much to have access to and it appears your are required to be a member to do anything. I also have the "done, with errors" at the bottom but it didn't seem to go another page I was trying to access... a code issue? Allow the guest to navigate the site and not have so restricted. Even here on OT, a guest can do things without having to fill out a silly form at first until they see something that has incentive.

    Second, the cool dissolve transitions is nice but it seems to take time to load first before transitioning pages. Take it out... it takes too much time and people want pages to flip quicky when surfing. (it's quite irritating when designers do that)

    People designing in Flash can create a similar effect but it runs much quicker than when html code designers attempt it. We live in an instant society... if we're on high speed internet, we want things to move like yesterday.

    I would suggest take the site down, throw up a 'construction' sign on main page and re-vamp it. Most major sites do it from to time to re-fresh their look and navagation.
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    Your forms are ugly. That's why!

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