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    Now you guys will see why I consider myself a glutton for punishment.

    Every year I go to a conference about a therapeutic technique I train in. Every year it becomes a cluster fuck of "please do this for me", and I am loathing it this year long before it has started.

    I consider myself a conservative person. The therapy I train is highly liberal. Imagine a church going catholic spending a week with a bunch of hippies, "save the world" activists, and people who spend their entire lives teaching poor kids in Africa and China because they want to escape the stress of real life. Nothing wrong with it in my opinion, but these people have extremely different prerogatives then I do as a born and raised NYCer. Some of these people seldom take showers and wish for socialism and communism in the US. Whatever, not my gig but I totally understand that they love it. Some are skilled social workers, scientists, and just toasted children of the 70's. It's all good with me.

    Now, I am poor. Just got my MSW and come from a family of mostly uneducated immigrants. The kicker is that I have a car(10+ year old Maxima), and that every time I go to conference, I end up being the "guy with the car" and I get asked, begged, and pleaded with to drive people, transport people, and help people back and forth from the airport. It happened 2 years ago, one year ago, and now it is happening now. I don't mind it exactly, but I never get shown respect or consideration when I do do it, and I am expected to be both "a worker" and "a participant" at the conference. People come up to me and give me commands and ask me to get stuff even when it is not my job, and some get aggravated and tell me off when I refuse or ask them to ask the assigned person. (Very against the theraputic concepts involved)

    The thing is that I offer my support. I told my friend, who runs the conference, that I would be willing to come up a day early and help move people. Then she calls me, today (for the future its Tuesday and the conference starts Friday) that "some people are coming in from China and they are really great people and they really want to come but they will be landing in NYC and need to get to Binghamton, NY and they need a place to rest their head for Thursday night". These people are 2 of her clinicians, 2 peace workers from China who are actually from Africa and Holland who are coming to run a kids program at the conference.

    I feel my friends frustration and terror of these people not being welcomed to the US and I say I will take them in for the night. I do not feel like I can say no. I offer to pick them up at a NYC airport at night and give them a place to sleep. My mom, who hates my friend with a passion because of past interactions with her, is livid over this, but calms down and says that the people can stay as long as they are only downstairs and quiet.

    I am aggravated because my friend knows that Thursday is the final night that a non-profit I have volunteered for for 2 months since I got my MSW is open, and there is a massive party that ends at 7:30 PM that I have to prepare for 60 children and 10+ adults. I also told my friend that my house is a mess, because my mom has a broken leg, and that I was uncomfortable having people over the house. She said that "they would not mind, blah blah blah." Fuck that, I MIND. I am a fucking poor bastard living with his mom because she can't afford the house I was raised in by herself and she has a broken leg. I fucking mind that the house is dirty. I also have been working both my job and most of my mom's job because she can not walk or drive and I need to drive her to see her clients or else she would lose her job. 16 hour days for the past 2 weeks.

    Friday morning I will have to take the 4 hour drive, with 2 people I do not know in tow. I will be picking them up at "night" in a NYC airport, and I need to drive at 8 AM friday morning for 4 hours.

    I guess I am pissed because of a few things -

    1) I can not say no to this friend.

    2) This friend has run this conference for 5+ years and preplans it like a dogs ass. 2 years ago she had a mentally ill woman driving people around, and I did not know this and was in the car with her when she had an "attack"which made her forget what she was doing for a minute. I fucking almost died of terror that this could have happened.

    3) I fucking hate extreme liberals, and I will spend a week with them being a chauffeer but then I will have to listen to them talk about "the man keeping them down" when I feel that I have lived with a ton more shit then they ever did.

    An example of this is when I was asked to pick up a super liberal woman from 3 hours away 2 years ago. She had someone drive her halfway there, and then I picked her up halfway to the destination, and I had to listen to the "horrors of owning a gas guzzling car which is killing gaia" even though this woman forced two seperate people to burn 2x the gas to get her where she was going. Then this bitch talks about how she grew her own apples to eat at the conference, and she was the first person to start begging for food from other attendies the second she became sick of her own dog shit apples. Fuck hippies.

    I dunno, can anyone help me understand how I am feeling now?

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    yes you can.

    keep reading:

    she's using you to cover her piss poor planning abilities, and since you keep coming to her rescue she's never going to progress. tell her you have a party you must attend and the people have to go somewhere else. tell her nobody can come to your house and it's rude of her to impose on you and your injured mother.

    or don't......and make this same thread next year.

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