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    A few of you may remember a thread I made about two months ago about a girl I was going to see in Las Vegas. We hit it off well, I lost my V-card (more than once :naughty: ), and things were off and on good. We had the love, the passion, the romance, and the attraction on all levels. We are very much compatible in that sense. But there were pre-existing, personal "problems" (a misnomer, perhaps).

    You see, she broke up with a boyfriend of 7 years, a little over a year ago. The thing is, she was still living with him during said year, up until the beginning of December. I came into the picture just as that whole situation was finalizing (read: her finally having enough money to move out).

    In my life, I am and was (before I met her), lets say, "finding myself" and "getting my priorities in order". She knew this going into the relationship. She knew I was jobless (not any more :x: ). I didn't keep anything from her in that regard.

    We do the whole traveling back and forth every 2 weeks or so, and it was "hard" but worth it. Spent Christmas and New Years together. Yadda yadda.

    So as I said, for those reasons (her issue, my issue, distance), things were good, but in a state of constant flux, especially on her end.

    So, today, after a few days of her (and me, but her more than me) being unsure of what she wanted, she just ended it. Surprisingly, I didn't freak out (I usually do), or break down. I fully understood her reasoning, and in a way, agreed. Although she is really serious about school, I understand there is probably some part of her that wants to "explore her options". And while I can't really say "I saw this coming", now that it happened, I am not at all surprised or caught off guard. It will give me time to get my life together too.

    We decided to stay friends, "better" friends even, and I have no problem with that whatsoever. I won't be talking about other people (not that there necessarily are any for me), and vice versa, for a while.

    It was probably the best break up I have ever been a part of. We just transitioned smoothly right into the whole platonic thing too. I could see myself with her again, in the future, once our individual lives are more compatible. Not saying it will necessarily happen, but if the opportunity came, I would take it. If it never happens, well, so long as shes happy, so be it. I love her enough to let her go.

    Now, I realize it sounds a lot like a rebound situation, but believe me, even if it was, it was not coming from a malicious or intentional place in her heart. She is not the type, and I would know, because I have first hand experience with said type.

    Anyway, I'm not really looking or advice or encouragement, but I just wanted to keep you guys updated, and perhaps let others know: break ups aren't ALWAYS going to be hard.


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    I also realize we weren't together for any significant amount of time. But I have seen threads in here and in main, where the author is freaking out, after being with somebody for a similar amount of time.

    Plus, I have been there myself.
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    Had a feeling this was coming.

    1. You lost your virginity
    2. You learned a lot about relationships

    :bigthumb: Congrats on taking it well.
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    She and I both feel sorta :hs: about it. Because, although we wish it weren't true, this is the best thing to do now, for both of us individually, and us as a relationship.

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