so whos gonna buy gta:vc

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    and how?
    buy from store
    get it free like i am?

    hasn't really been anything new said for a while so there u go
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    Everyone is. That's kind of a stupid question, dontcha think? :)
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    sigh, ya i agree
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    haha :slap: i just preordered it earlier this week...surprised i was still able to :bigthumb:

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  6. i think i am the only person who does not like that game at all.
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    i win download the pc version this time around. i bought the gta3 for ps2, then got bored after 3 months of pretty much straight playing.
  9. I preordered mine at EB. But yes buy, buy, buy GTA VC. Drive my stock up! Make me rich! bwahahahahahahaa :bigthumb: :buk:
  10. pre-ordered mine at the local EB. They already had about 50-60 people on the list when I came in but the girl seemed quite confidant they'd get enough copies. I dunno though
  11. Last I heard from my EB two weeks ago they had over 400 prorders on the books. In fact the release date was pushed back. It was supposed to come out october 18th, but there are over 4.5 million copies reserved nation wide, so they pushed the release back to the 29th sio they could get more copies made
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    i could have sworn ive seen the game at best buy on the racks!?!
  13. no, you've seen either GTA3 or the promotyional boxes for VC
  14. Stinger

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    I want to buy it
  15. Let me make one thing clear. IF YOU DO NOT PRE-ORDER THIS GAME YOU WILL NOT GET IT FOR AT LEAST THREE MONTHS! It will be just like whats happening with SOCOM and the Network adapter right now. This game will fly off the shelves. Hell most wont even make it to the shelves as the first wave stores will get will be pure pre-orders. I doubt they will get any copies other than the preordered ones. Also, this one will not be out for the PC anytime soon
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    I pre-ordered mine at EB for only $5. However they already have over 200+ pre-orders. And they said pre-ordering DOES NOT guarantee you a copy of the game, at least at my EB. They said if they don't get enough copies to give everybody who pre-ordered one a copy, (they don't know how many their getting) then whoever paid more for the game before hand, has first dibs on it. So someone who payed $20 to pre-order it gets it over someone who payed $5. So after I pre-payed my $5 I went back, and now I have it fully payed off so I pretty much have my copy guaranteed! :cool:
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    I don't know what GTA3 deal your talking about... Vice City will cost me $49.99, but the reservation is only $5.00 at my EB, but I've already put $50.00 down on it, I add more when I get money. All I have to pay the day it comes out is the tax. Because they give the reserved copies to people who paid the most to reserve it first, so the less you put down, the less chance you'll get it, because most likely, they won't get enough copies for everybody who reserved a copy.
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    I probably won't buy VC unless I play it somewhere and find that it's a vast improvement over GTA3. Being a PC gamer, VC seems like more of an add-on pack than anything to me, and knowing that add-on packs for PC games are freely available on the internet makes me less likely to shell out $50 for VC.
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    An add on pack? Heres a list of new features for your "add on pack".

    A completely new city, with a completely new story, with completely new characters, and completely new missions.
    You can now shoot out tires.
    Cops use spike strips.
    Much smarter AI.
    Cops can rappel out of helicopters.
    You can shoot through windows of cars to kill the people inside.
    You can now go inside buildings.
    Improved graphics engine and lighting.
    Better streaming disc speed for further draw distance.
    There is a helicopter which you can fly ANYWHERE.
    You cannot swim, but there is a cheat that let's you swim.
    You can beat cars with the baseball bat.
    You get all the original weapons and many, many more, including a chainsaw.
    You can now jump and roll out of moving vehicles.
    There are now motorcycles, and you can jump off of these while moving too.
    You can fly a plane, not just the crappy Dodo.
    Pedestrians interact with each other, occasionally getting in fights, talking, etc.
    You can now change clothes.
    The main character speaks.
    You can now crouch, also helps steady your aim.
    Better hand-to-hand combat system. with various punches and kicks.
    Improved aiming/targeting system.
    Cops actually chase after other criminals who shoot/steal cars.
    Pedestrians do more action such as jog, lay on the beach, roller-skate, sit on benches, cross streets, and walk in pairs. Pedestrians will also crouch down behind cars when in a gun fight, and gangs will walk in groups.
    The city is over twice as large as Liberty City.
    Over 100+ missions, and they are much more detailed.
    Over 100+ vehicles, and more boats then the last game.
    You can drive a golf cart.
    More then 1 kind of police car this time around.
    You can shoot while on the motorcycle.
    More then 1 person can be in a car.
    You can shoot while in the helicopter.
    You can get a chainsaw.
    40 different weapons, all the old ones, and many new.
    Weapons will have classes, chainsaw, machete, screwdriver, and bat all in the same category, so you can only hold one of them on your persons at a time.
    You can get a hearse, a moped also.

    That sounds like a vast improvement to me, and a whole different game. It is nowhere near an add-on pack. And if you don't get it, your the one missing out. And sorry if I repeated myself, I didn't double check it.
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  21. loudermilk

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    Alright, so you've got some new vehicles, new weapons, new missions, new abilities, and some other various additions. Besides the improvements in the graphics engine, that sounds an awful lot like an add-on pack to me. The fact remains that if this were a PC-only game, VC could easily be a free add-on.
  22. ShadowXOR

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    No it would not be a free add-on, IT'S A COMPLETELY NEW GAME. It's like the difference between Gran Tourismo 2 and 3 dude. Their bringing it to PC, and it WILL NOT be a free add-on. If changing EVERYTHING makes it an add-on pack for you what would they have to do to make a new game? Make it GTA:VC RPG or what?
  23. you forgot about the Katana as a new weapon.
    Also different kinds of bikes, Harley/cruisers, and sport bikes, rumor has it there are biker gangs as well. You can also shoot forward while on a bike. And theres also a pizza delivery mission. Oh here:

    The game's story puts you in the role of Tommy Vercetti, a seasoned Liberty City gangster who's just been released from a 15-year stretch in prison. There's just a little too much going on Liberty City--and a few too many people keeping an eye on him--for Tommy to continue his criminal lifestyle, so the family sends him south to Vice City, hoping to expand the Forelli family's influence in the process. Tommy's first deal in Vice City puts him at an extreme disadvantage--a cocaine deal gone horribly wrong has left Tommy without the money the Forelli family set aside for the Vice City operation. Your first mission introduces you to a lawyer-type who is friendly to the Forelli family. He'll get you an invite to a boat party attended by most of Vice City's big-time criminal element, and your rise to the top starts from there.
    Though it was previously reported elsewhere that all of Vice City's land would be available right from the start, Rockstar has recently changed this and moved back to the traditional GTA format, which keeps certain sections of the city locked until you accomplish specific tasks. These tasks will still be set up by cutscenes, and in all, Vice City's cutscenes will clock in at around 120 minutes. The game's missions should be a little more involved this time around, sticking closer to the couple of multipart missions found in GTAIII instead of sticking to the one-dimensional, courier-like tasks found in the last game. The final product will have hundreds of activities in it, though we were unable to pin Rockstar down to an exact mission count beyond that it will have "more than GTAIII." At least one new side activity has been included: the ability to steal a pizza delivery vehicle and deliver pizzas for extra money.
    Motorcycles were one of the things that the team wanted to include in GTAIII but didn't have time to finish. They'll play a good-sized role in Vice City, and the development process has included the addition of a lot of motorcycle-based physics to ensure that the game's different bikes all handle differently, from juiced-up hogs to sluggish mopeds. New motion-captured animation makes all the character movement on bikes look quite realistic, including putting a foot out to make sharp turns and the ability to stand up on the bike or pop wheelies. Wrecking on a motorcycle--or wrecking into one--really sends the riders flying in a sickeningly satisfying way. You'll also be able to shoot weapons while riding the bike--while cars only let you shoot out of the side windows, you'll be able to shoot directly forward while riding a motorcycle.
    You'll be able to abandon moving vehicles very quickly this time around, as well. Drivers are no longer safe inside cars, as you can now shoot out windows and shoot drivers while they are behind the wheel. You can also do damage to cars with melee weapons now, so the dream of beating a car with a baseball bat is finally a reality. Tires are also another soft spot on cars, and they can be shot out. Police officers will also deploy spike strips in an attempt to disable your car. Obviously, a car with flat tires won't handle terribly well.
    here will also be instances when the police will be chasing nonplayer characters around, and pedestrians will also interact with one another, opening up the potential for nonplayer character gang wars, fist fights, muggings, and the like.

    Walk in Buildings and lots of them.
    Bailing out of moving Vehicles.
    Much better Poilice and Pedestrian AI.
    Police now chase after non-player characters.
    Gangs walk in groups now rather then one at a time.
    Motorcycles are now avaliable. Can even stand up on the seat, shoot straight ahead of you, and pop wheelies.
    9 hours of Radio compared to GTAIII's 3 1/2 hours of Radio.
    85 Artists! Ranging from heavy metal to pop to soul.
    Vice City is now 2 1/2 times the size of all of Liberty City. Thats fuckin HUGE.
    You can now fly! Planes, Helicopters, etc.
    Brand new melee and long range weapons including the Mac10, M60, Python, Rugar, Chainsaw, Knife, Screwdriver, etc.
    New Weapons:

    Colt Python
    Assault Rifle
    New Cars:

    Walt on

    Gameplay Improvements:

    Improved cleaner, smoother hand to hand combat system that includes various kicks and punches. Also you can kneel down to steady you aim.

    40 weapons. (Compared to GTA III's 15) These include a knife, machete, six-shooter, uzi and many more. New character animations are included for each weapon, such as a stabbing animation for the machete.

    Improved targeting system. It will change color depending on threat and tell you if a ped is armed.

    Improved AI. The police can now shoot out tires. They will also chase after other criminals this time.

    Peds do more action such as jog, lay on the beach, roller-skate, sit on benches, cross streets and walk in pairs. Peds will also crouch down behind cars when in a gun fight and gangs will walk in groups instead of in single file or on their own in GTA III.

    GTA: Vice City will be all open from the start! (Meaning you can explore the whole city without limitations.)

    The city is two and a half times larger than Liberty City!

    Ability to enter at least 50 buildings! These include and are not limited to: bank, coffee shop, hotels, shopping mall, airport and night clubs. The buildings are multi-leveled and have fully decorated interiors.

    Buildings are interactive. For example: walking into a store and buying new clothes.

    Greater geographical diversity, such as downtown areas filled with skyscrapers, neon-lit boulevards, run-down slums, swampland, the ocean and a huge network of streams and rivers.

    At least 100 missions (possibly 140)! The missions will tend to be longer, more challenging and more sophisticated with high-end production values, unlike GTA III's 'grab-and-go' missions. They could include a car chase, gun fight and an interior interaction all in the same mission.

    New side missions such as pizza delivery, and the rumored SWAT, limo, and ice cream missions.

    The main character can talk.

    About a 2000 page script, with greater character and plot development than ever before.

    80 minutes worth of cutscenes, compared to GTA III's 30.

    A possibility of playing as different characters throughout the game.

    Vehicle Improvements:

    120 vehicles in all! (Compared to GTA III's 50)

    Real-time shadowing on car's surface. Improved on the number of reflective surfaces on cars.

    Better lighting and shadowing. Scenery will cast shadows on your vehicle as you drive by.

    Different types of police cars!

    Higher resolutions.

    Better damage models, such as broken windows. You can also damage your car with a weapon, like a bat.

    You can bail out of moving vehicles.

    Ability to shoot tires to slow down your foes. This will make the car lose handling. Warning: The police can do this as well.

    New sportscars and trucks all inspired by the '80s.

    Many more boats, such as a luxury sailboat, speed boat, fishing boat, Coast Guard boat; and waterways and canals all over Vice City to drive them through!

    There are now motorcycles*, helicopters, planes (one with pontoons, so it can land on water), etc.

    When on a motorcycle your clothes ripple in the wind!

    Ability to shoot forward on a motorcycle.

    Multiple pedestrians inside a vehicle. (On the vehicle, in the motorcycle's case)

    Ability to use weapons inside the helicopter, such as a sniper.

    Sound Improvements:

    There will be an estimated 9 hours of radio! (Compared to GTA III's three and a half hours.)
    Close to 90 songs! These are actually real songs this time, from artists such as Judas Priest, A Flock of Seagulls or Michael Jackson.

    8000 to 9000 lines of pedestrian dialogue. (GTA III had about 3000 and that was roughly an hour and a half)

    A GTA: VC soundtrack will be licensed by a major record label.

    The Story:

    Having just made it back onto the streets of Liberty City after a long stretch in maximum security, Tommy Vercetti is sent to Vice City by his old boss, Sonny Forelli.

    They were understandably nervous about his re-appearance in Liberty City, so a trip down south seemed like a good idea. But all does not go smoothly upon his arrival in the glamorous, hedonistic metropolis of Vice City.

    He's set up and is left with no money and no merchandise. Sonny wants his money back, but the biker gangs, Cuban gangsters, and corrupt politicians stand in his way. Most of Vice City seems to want Tommy dead. His only answer is to fight back and take over the city himself.

    As a major gateway to South America and the Caribbean and attracting migrants, Vice City is brimming with diverse characters, so there's a friend for everyone. It is a sociable place and the new guy in town is sure to meet all manner of friendly people in the sunshine capital of America. Athletes, Pop Stars, Real Estate Developers, Politicians and Trailer-Trash.

    Everyone is moving to Vice City to find out what makes it the number one growth city in America. But, as Tommy quickly finds out, trust is still the rarest of commodities.

    GTA: Vice City is not a sequel to GTA3. It's not a prequel either. Vice City is it's own game and story. It takes place in Miami, Florida (nicknamed Vice City) in the 1980s.

    You play as Tommy Vercetti, a former low-level mobster for the Forelli brothers, who has recently been released from an extended sentence in prison. He was busted during a drug operation and got a 15-year sentence. For not ratting out the Forellis, Sonny Forelli has rewarded Tommy by sending him to Vice City to expand the Forelli criminal empire.

    Tommy's first big deal goes terribly wrong, and he quickly discovers that he has lost the cash that the Forellis had entrusted to him for their Vice City crime operations. Sonny Forelli is not at all happy by this news, and demands that Tommy get the money back.

    Through his relationship with Ken Rosenberg, a shady lawyer with huge connections in the Vice City underworld, Tommy finds himself a bit of luck. Rosenberg aids Tommy by outffiting him with a sweet pastel suit and giving him an invitation to a boat party - one that many big bosses of the Vice City criminal community will be attending. What happens next has not yet been revealed. It's safe to say that you will face betrayals and double-crosses as you earn back the money.


    [confirmed] There are sharks in the waters.

    When you pull up to a gas station, an attendant will come out and start filling your car. This doesn't serve a purpose other than draining money. It just adds to the realism of the game.

    You can ride normal bicycles, and maybe do a paper route side mission.

    You will be able to rob banks or other stores.

    Pedestrians can now interact with each other. (Talking; getting in fights).

    Besides the Pizza Delivery missions, there will be SWAT, Ice Cream and Limo missions too.

    You will be able to enter movie theatres instead of them just being there for show.

    [confirmed] There are flyable helicopters.

    [confirmed] You can ride motorcycles.

    When you crash into some buildings, it will leave a huge dent in the building.

    You're able to shoot tires out and watch cars sway all over the place and even slam into trees or fly off cliffs.

    Since not many people liked the model for the GTA: VC guy, maybe R* decided to throw in the GTA3 'Fido's head as an extra model or just him totally since it would be a cool idea and hey, it's a possibility.

    [confirmed] There will be knives.

    Jenna Jameson may be voice-acting the character 'Candy Suxx'.

    There will be JetSkis.

    You can swim, but there are sharks in the water to keep you at bay.

    An "L-Train" runs around the islands.

    [confirmed] You can fly airplanes.

    There is a mainland and a second island that has a military base and an airport. The airport contains a Cessna-like plane that you can fly. The military base has a police station in it. It also has a military helicopter that if you access, you will automatically get a wanted level for being in a restricted area.

    [confirmed] Cessna-like plane, military helicopter, airport.

    There are military police and regular police in Vice City.

    You can play as different characters.

    [confirmed] Tommy Vercetti can change his clothes during the game.

    Shooting at a window will leave a small bullet-hole.

    Added 8.28.02:

    (NOTE: It is my understanding that some if not most of this is old news..but I did notice a couple items I've never seen before.)

    Nine Full hours of 80's music featuring 90+ songs licensed from well known artists (compare this to GTA3's three and a half hours). Confirmed song tracks include: Judas Priest, "You've got another thing coming", GrandMaster Flash, "The Message", Laura Branigan, "Self Control", Kool and the Gang, "Summer Madness", Flock of Seagulls, "I Ran", Hall & Oats, "Out of Touch", Cutting Crew, "I Just Died in Your Arms".

    Lazlow will be back.

    More reflective surfaces on the vehicles including real time shadowing from the environment.

    The whole of Vice City will be open to players from the start of the game. Go where you want, when you want.

    Vice City is not a sequel, nor is it a prequel and it certainly isn't an add-on. It's just another slice of the GTA "universe".

    The main characters name is Tommy.

    Your character finally speaks!

    There will be around 8000 individual voice overs (compared to GTA3's 2000)

    20 top Hollywood stars will fill out the cast.

    Vice City will be double the size of Liberty City both inside and out. There will be many, many more multileveled interior environments for you to explore. Missions will send you to both outdoor and indoor locations.

    Vice City will include even more peds on the streets with more lifelike behavior.

    Gangs are more intelligent and will cause trouble all over the city so you won't be the only one the police will be hunting down.

    Graphical enhancements include: higher framerate, higher resolution textures, more complex vehicle and ped models with better skins and a new radiosity lighting system to make the neon look just right.

    New targeting system to make finding and shooting enemies even easier. It will highlight targets based on "priority and not on proximity". The new system also includes a crosshair reticle that shows you both the exact target and the bullet spray radius. The crosshair will also change color to indicate the enemies threat level.

    Vice City will include 40 weapons (compared to GTA3's 15), including new hand to hand weapons like the machete.

    New maneuvers like crouching will help you make better use of surrounding cover.

    A new camera system will lock the camera over your shoulder to make both interior and exterior combat easier.

    A new HUD will show more information including your elevation above ground (think large buildings with multiple floors).

    "GTA: VC" will include more complex missions that include a greater variety of objectives. These new missions will ask more of you by melding vehicle, outdoor and indoor combat all into one mission.

    New side missions including pizza delivery!

    The vehicle count has also been raised to 120 from GTA3's paltry selection of only 50. Many of the vehicles are inspired by 80's sports cars and yes, there will be motorcycles!

    You will be able to shoot out tires which will drastically affect the vehicle physics.

    More boats have been added, and water based action has been revamped as well with an all new physics system for boats.

    Added 8.30.02:
    Half the weapons will be inventory stored, half will be weapons you pick up on the street (ie. trash can, shovel, pipe).

    Swimming is allowed, but only on the surface of the water. And only in shallow areas, in deep waters they have a shark patrolling.

    Hidden packages and 4x4 missions have been removed, but "unique jumps" along with "rampages" have returned, along with "challenges" and "red herrings"

    new side missions include SWAT, helicopter rescue (entitled "rescue"), Pizza delivery (on a moped) and boat versions of "vigilante" and "emergency" missions. You will also be able to exit your vehicle while on these missions and you will be wearing your missions respective uniforms. Fireman missions allow you to aim your hose at the fire this time.

    Added 8.30.02:
    You can pop tires with the screwdriver.

    Buddy is the main crime boss in the game. He is also voiced by Phillip Michael Thomas (the guy who played "Tubbs" in Miami Vice.)

    This may be disappointing to some, but the DeLorean DMC-12 will not be featured in the game. The man I spoke with said they talked with Rockstar for a long time to decide if they wanted the car in the game or not. Ultimately they decided not to because they didn't want it to be another joke of the '80s.

    The DeLorean Motor Company has spent many years trying to give people a good image of the car. He said it's not like they're being prudish about the game's content, they just didn't want the DeLorean to be portrayed badly.

    I can respect that, since everywhere I go in mine I get an endless assault of "Back to the Future" jokes and some smart remarks about cocaine. It would be nice for people to appreciate the car for what it is.

    He was quick to mention the DeLorean giveaway without me even asking. Maybe they purchased the prize car from them? I'm not surprised about their decision, it's like how the Gran Turismo series had no crash damage. Each company wants a good image of their product. There may be a car similar to the DMC-12 in the game, but we'll have to wait and
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    You can also use in-line skates I hear.
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    Yeah I'll definately be picking this one up, I've been a fan of the series ever since the first game came out. Each one has improved immensely over the previous version, lets hope it continues!

    From the previews and screen shots I've seen, I don't think they are going to let us down.

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