SRS So yea.. i feel like crap.

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    Look about job interviews.

    You got to say what the people want to hear.

    Boss searches for ,person who can do this this and this. If you can do that that and that, then you are a candidate. You shouldn't care to much about jobs in that sense that you get stressed about it, a job is not your life you know. Try to calm yourself down, they are only people just like you. You have to go in with an attitude of 'they have more reason to be afraid of me , then i of them' and 'i don't give a fuck wether i get this job or not'

    And when you get the job your attitude should be like ' being a loving and helping person and best friends with everyone, and working quick and correct, and never worry about being fired, if your boss wants to fire you he will do it anyway.

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