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    So I've got a question for y'all here....

    Got my virgin piercing here 3 months ago....left lobe...(blah blah blah, etc)

    Felt great and whatnot all the way up until about 2 days before the 2 month mark...washed it every day up until just a few days before....and it got "infected" (swollen bad, bright red, and just throbbing like nothing else). Managed to get it cleaned good and it was back to normal a couple days later...
    Couple weeks later (couple weeks ago) it was feeling great again....turned freely/etc so I figured it was good to go (there was no *liquid* on the ring when it turned). ...then one night it turned bright red again (didnt' get as bad as the first time).....

    Guess my question is, just how careful do I have to be with this?
    Am I still supposed to not touch it and such after it's healed? (it's freakin bugging me that it's causing me problems after it's supposed to be healed - I've been washing it every time I shower with Dial soap again now and it's been "allright" since...)

    I've been waiting for a good time to go in and get a different ring put in it [16 guage and the ball is just about up tight with the bottom of my lobe] (I went WAY too small *rookie mistake I guess*).....might have them put in a larger diameter 14 guage (that's the plan) and use this ring for a helix.....

    Also..while I'm at it...
    How prone to migrating are eyebrow rings?
    Been thinking about the eyebrow ring as well, but I've read problems with migration (might have been BME I read that at) and I don't really want a barbell....

    yadda yadda yadda :nikko:

    Cliff's notes
    Lobe piercing issues - how careful do I have to be after 3 months?
    Migrating of Eyebrow rings vs barbells.

    (I'll go away now ;) )

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