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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by cooldragon, Sep 28, 2006.

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    I am at a point where i am evaluating everything in my life and i need to make some changes but i dont know exactly how to go about doing that.

    basically i need to get a social life and start dating and have fun. i have a few good friends that i hang out with sometime but they all have gf or just boring sometimes. i dont have a circle of friends that i can have fun with. i used to have a circle till i decided to leace cause of problems which arent too important now.

    i was thinking of opportunities where i can meet more people but i am finding it hard because of a lack of social skills. i am going to a very small community college and i havent really met anyone there. i have too much free time in the mornings cause i am taking only 3 classes.

    i am working at a shopping mall and the job is good but its hard to meet people there. i havent talked to alot of my coworkers so maybe i could do that. i basically want to go to parties on friday and saturday nights with a few friends or a group but i dont know where i can find this.

    i was thinking of getting another job but a mall is a really good place to interact with people. i was thinking of volunteering somewhere in the mornings and that way i can do something productive and also meet some more people.

    if any of u have any suggestion on what i can do plz go ahead and help me cause as of now i am wasting my time doing nothing.
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    Join a sports team, multiple ones even, go back to school to learn something new you've always wanted, get a new public hobby, start working out, start volunteering, just get yourself out there.

    People will not come to you, you have to go find them.
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    You said you're going to a community college. Can you transfer to a state school or something? College campuses are so diverse that you will almost definately find a group with whom you fit in. The college experience cannot be beat for social activities. You mentioned going to parties with your friends every Friday and Saturday. That's college for you.
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    Join some on campus groups or organizations, it's a pretty good way to meet new people.

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